OTOY HD Gaming on your Mobile Phone

A new server-side game rendering service called OTOY is showcasing a technology that's so flexible, it can even stream the latest 3D games to your mobile phone screen.

Server-side rendering is potentially the next big leap in gaming. Currently, to play the latest games at their highest settings, you often need a specially built beast of a computer that costs a fortune and has all the aesthetic appeal of granite block. OTOY, along with an growing number of rival startups, is pioneering a means of handing over the task of running those games to a powerful server and just streaming the images to you from the cloud.

The workload for your home computer is effectively removed, enabling you to run those hardware intensive games from a simple browser. In fact, the system OTOY has come up with is so efficient, it'll run on almost any device that has a web browser, including mobile phones.

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FragMnTagM3315d ago

But the controls for that video looked a hair off. Still is really cool tech. Having a mobile FPS on either a two thumb stick PSP, or a XBOX portable with two thumb sticks would be friggin awesome.

I have a PSP and any FPS I bought for it stinks with the clunky controls. Even after getting really familiar with the controls, it still sucked. Not to mention the graphics are not so hot.

So if this can stream Crysis, Halo, COD, Killzone, or whatever FPS that floats your boat in the same quality as a high end PC and portable, WIN!