Overlord 2: screenshot comparison between PS3 and Xbox 360 version

In that screenshot comparison between PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Overlord 2 the PS3-Game seems to be the winner. Better textures, smooth lightning and more details in Overlord 2 for PS3. Overlord 2 (Xbox 360) is much too bright and a bit blurry. Altogether the site combined 29 Images of Overlord 2.

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MegaMohsi3195d ago

the 360 version too bright and a bit blurry??? Are we in bizarro world?

sonarus3195d ago

In the picture with the girl two snow flakes are missing from the PS3 fail sony. 2 snow flakes are more important than graphical quality

MisterNiwa3195d ago

360 Superior version, real time snow flake rendering ftw!

... He... Hehehe.... Hehehehehehhe...*cracks*

-chaz-3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

So the PS3 is lacking antialiasing....that's not really a good thing

crazy-eyez-killah3195d ago

PS3 looks a little better but its hard to tell from those horrible shots! Not exactly pushing either platform though...

locos853195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Lazy developers!

and those 2 missing snow flakes...... NO EXCUSE!!

BLuKhaos3195d ago

This game actually caught me by surprise when I played the demo.It's a pretty fun game with lighthearted dark humor.

UnwanteDreamz3195d ago

Im boycotting this damn game until they add those freaking snowflakes man! WTF first you screw me out of high def barrels in SF4 and now this? I quit gaming!

Chubear3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

If I were in the 360 fanbase I would really start taking offense that the only things being portrayed for the system to sell it are comparison shots of nonsensical BS pixels counts and meaningless crap.

Where are the hot New IPs for the fanbase to enjoy? Where are the technical pushes in online gaming and social networking catered to gamers? Don't tell me I pay $250 every gen cause of X-game chat that only EMO insecure teenagers use routinely and I can only play games online of no more than 8v8 on a normal basis when others pay nothing and are going to have VIDEO X-game chat and games that are in the range of 5v5, 16v16, 20v20, 30v30 and 128v128 with 16v16 as standard.

Where are all the hot in-house games from the company, MS that I'm supposed to support? why is it all the hot games are multiplatform? I see the first year of the 360 having new IPs in Chorme hounds, Kameo and Prey and an exclusive in PD:0 but I look at the PS3's first year and see a tonne of new IPs in R:fom, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Eye of Judgement; Folklore etc with many other known exclusive IPs in Warhawk, R&C etc etc and many other new PSN IPs. and several of these new IPs have sequels out or coming out but no Kameo 2 3yrs later, why?

Syronicus3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

They both look pretty good. Can't tell a difference enough to complain about either one.

And to the Kameo 2 comment... Yeah baby, Kameo 2 would be slick. I loved the first one.

lordgodalming3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

@1.3: "So the PS3 is lacking antialiasing....that's not really a good thing"

So if the PS3 is blurrier the 360 has better textures, but if the PS3 is sharper the 360 has better AA?

SaberEdge3195d ago

I downloaded both demos and the main difference I noticed right away is that the PS3 version has quite a bit of slowdown here and there, while the 360 version's frame rate seemed pretty stable.

Oner3195d ago

@ lordgodalming "So if the PS3 is blurrier the 360 has better textures, but if the PS3 is sharper the 360 has better AA?"

Someone give this man a prize! I'll just give you a bubble & agree :)

commodore643195d ago

I find it a bit embarrassing that the contributor of this article had to add his SDF spin, when in fact there was no text contributed by the link website.

The link only shows some VERY blurry screenshots.
It makes no inference whatsoever and has been misrepresented by the contributor.

This story should be failed as it is against impartial N4g contributor rules.
Surprised it even got approved...?


Anon19743195d ago recently kept referring to a blogger post saying that Tekken 6 was better on the 360...because some guy who allegedly saw it at E3 says it's so, with no evidence whatsoever. And worse, for two days in debates about the difference in multiplats you keep liking to this guys blog, again and again like it proved your point.

It may be true, it may not...frankly I don't really care either way...but my point is this post is far more credible simply because it offers some evidence. Again, you tend lately to see only what you want to see and ignore everything else. Broaden your mind a bit. Perhaps Overlord 2 is better on the PS3. It's certainly not too much of a stretch. Out of the 50 some multiplatform releases that have come out this year, 70% of those either scored higher on the PS3 or tied with the 360 score according to metacritic, and this is easy enough to verify. Believe it or not - there are multiplats out there better on the PS3, and the majority of professional gamer reviewers scores would certainly seem to back that up.

Care to comment on that, or are you just going to take personal shots at me again and pretend I don't have a valid point? Let's see, are you a gamer or a schoolyard bully?

commodore643194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )


It really is sad to see you follow me around like a puppy dog, darkie.

My comment was to do with posting rules on n4g.
You know the contributor rules, don't you?
Clearly you don't, because i see your little hand in the approval process.

The person posting a story on n4g is NOT ALLOWED to add his opinion to the piece being submitted.
The screenshots had no story, so the contributor MADE THEM UP!

In stark contrast, the Tekken6 story on n4g which reported that tekken6 looked better on the 360, was correctly formatted and edited, WITHOUT Contributor comments.
It was published on a reputable website and even though you didn't like the story, it was all according to the contributor rules.

There is a BIG difference, there, darkie, whether you chose to admit that or not.

We have n4g rules for a reason, and i urge the MODS to fail this story, as it should be failed.

MODS? Are we going to play by the rules or not?

TheZippo3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Honestly could they get screen shots that were better? Anyways check out screen shot #8. Looks like to me they don't know which system they are talking about. They have the wrong buttons on the wrong system don't they?

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sub853195d ago

Nice comparison, overall the PS3 version looks bit sharper and inartificial.

TheReaper423195d ago

no surprise, the guy doing the comparison actually used HDMI FULL for the PS3. 2nd screen comparison using HDMI FULL ever since the first Assassin creed's comparison.

DNAgent3195d ago

"B-b-but the 360 is better for multiplatform games!"

PS3 superior version confirmed.

Stryfeno23195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Just like a droid, forget all other comparison and focus on this one. Hahahaaa how can you tell with these bad screenshots?

Orange3195d ago

the game just looks terrible, period.

but 1up gave it an A-. I love their opening sentence "It's kind of a cliché in BDSM circles that the sub is really the one in charge of things, and it's a truism that easily carries over into Overlord 2."

Chubear3195d ago

This is kinda pathetic. So this is all the 360 base got nowadays; hope that their multiplat version will have one pixel shade more than the competition's when you zoom in on some pic of the game.

SaberEdge3195d ago

Did you guys read Eurogamers recent Face-Off Round 20? The 360 won the majority of them again.

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this is what its come to now.

GVON3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I'm really getting tired of all these comparisons,it's as if all these blogs and gaming sites have so little real news all they can do is is post stupid articles and comparisons.
I really wish gaming mags were still the main sources of info,were you got real articles,and not a paragraph talking about a potential game mode,or telling you what another site has said before linking it. :(

evildeli3195d ago

I'm tired of hearing people complain about comparisons. If you don't like it, move onto another news article. There's plenty of news articles to comment on, but you go out of your way to try and be condescending to a bunch of people who actually care. Save yourself some time and don't hit the "Add Reply" button if you don't care. Otherwise take note that game magazines don't bother to tell you which game they review and on most sites they use an image and don't properly site which platform it came from. You're being lied to and all you can say is "stop the comparisons" when really you need to be saying "where's the vasoline".

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