AppGamer Review: Mass Effect Galaxy

AppGamer writes "Mass Effect Galaxy is pure fan service. For the hardcore devotee hungry to consume every last scrap of Mass Effect canon this game is certainly worth the purchase. We're introduced to a couple of characters from the upcoming game and treated to a series of lovingly crafted cut scenes that tell a neat story, albeit a short and straightforward one. For everyone else this app is probably one to avoid until the price drops. The gameplay sections are unambitious, uninvolving and generally feel tacked on to what would otherwise be a fun digital graphic novel. EA Mobile have tried something unique here and continue to lead the way in terms of supporting the App Store and this deserves to be applauded. Should Bioware wish to continue releasing and refining these small Mass Effect iGames we will keep buying and keep playing them. It is a rich and wonderful universe and there are clearly many more stories to tell."

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Surely by putting Mass Effect on an Apple system, EA are showing no loyalty whatsoever to MS, could a PS3 ME be on the way?

SpoonyRedMage3346d ago

I wouldn't be so hasty really, Microsoft don't have a portable yet and have even put some of their own IPs on other platforms, with Viva Pinata and Blue Dragon having games on the DS.

Chubear3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

You would have to be an absolute dummy not to see Mass Effect, 1,2,3etc etc, will be coming to the PS3 and on everything else cause if EA can put that sucker on Leapster's Leapfrog, they will.

These are the platforms you'll see Mass Effect on next year: PS3, PSP, DS, Wii, Iphone, PC & Mac and possibly more. Again, you'd have to be an absolute fool not to clearly see this.

A company like EA does not pay 800million for a company's IP just to play favorites in a global economic collapse. You think it's fun for them to lose top spot to the likes of Activision? Yeah, ok.

The best the 360 fanbase can hope for is a timed exclusive and/or timed exclusive DLC with this title.

PS360WII3346d ago

Well they have one thing right. Fan service :) more story for the greatness of Mass Effect. I don't see the horrors people put on the gameplay. It works well for what it tries to do. Are people that hungry for a button to push for your gun? No one complains about never having a gas button for racers! You can still select your targets and you have your power moves to use... but hey what can you do.

dragunrising3345d ago

I wish EA would port that game to my Storm... I'm hoping App World will take off soon. Currently its overpriced and the selection isn't the best.