PSX Extreme: Prototype Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Prototype has had a somewhat complicated history. Originally set to release last year, the game faced numerous delays after Activision got a hold of the game following its acquisition of Vivendi, which owned Sierra. As one of the games that didn't end up getting cut (Ghostbusters, Riddick, and Brutal Legend being the three that did), Activision gave Radical additional time, and I'm sure expense, to make Prototype as polished as it can be. So with all of this time in development, how come they didn't succeed? It's actually simple."

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Syronicus3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Should this be resubmitted as a review, not a preview?

locos853224d ago

This game had had reviews all over the scale. I'm just going to have to check it for myself.

rodeoo3224d ago

I own both prototype and inFAMOUS after playing protype i would say a 6 sounds fair. This game cant hold my attention for longer then 20 minutes at a time.

spunnups3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I'm still getting it when it hits $30. IMO that's the sweet spot for games with mixed reviews

Eiffel3224d ago

Lol, screwed up submission that got accepted. N4G is falling apart even in the correct fields.

Major_Tom3224d ago

6 is appropriate for a game that doesn't try to hard.

xionpunk3224d ago

6 is a tad low, I'd give it a 7.5-8. It's pure dumb fun, but hey, that's what I need sometimes.

felidae3224d ago

hmm, i like inFamous but i think Prototype is one of the best action games since God of War.

to each his own i think!

Kushan3224d ago

They share a similar premise, but that's about where the similarities really end with both games. They're both great in different ways.

Major_Tom3224d ago

Riiight. I suggest you go back and play God of War.

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