Master Vandar Confirmed for The Old Republic

Voice actor Tom Kane confirms Vandar's appearance, and can't remember how he sounds.

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TheAntiFanboy3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Master Vandar must be quite old to have lived all the way from Revan's time to now. How old exactly does this species live for? I'd imagine he'd know quite a lot, and would be the primary source of lore from the previous games. Did he and the Exile ever meet in KOTOR2?

And is that Master Vrook there on the right? Has that same pissed off look about him that he always did in the games. Begs the question: is he in TOR as well? Or is this just an image from the KOTOR timeline?

starmin763345d ago

Well, Yoda was over 800 years old when he died.

What disturbs me about this article is that Vandar had actually died in Kotor 2. Does this mean that Bioware is ignoring the Kotor 2 canon?

mistajeff3345d ago

They're really f*cking this up, aren't they? I can't believe they would just ignore the 2nd game in the series like that. Which probably means that whenever we figure out exactly what happened to Revan (which will probably be a crappy little side-quest somewhere), it'll probably be disappointingly boring. KOTOR 2 provided so many interesting possibilities for Revan's true intentions, it really sucks that they just brushed all that aside to lay the ground for a money grab/MMO.

Tony P3345d ago

@Anti-fanboy: That's Vrook alright. But the picture is from the KOTOR comic which pre-dates the MMO. Nothing to do with TOR. If Vrook was in there I'd be very surprised because we SAW him die.

They'll probably just pull a retcon. But it's Bioware. They're not just going to upset the whole thing by ignoring established canon and creating intentional plot holes.

Panthers3345d ago

I am glad they are making this game. This will be the game to get me into MMOs. I have been keeping up with it and it looks fantastic so far.

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BigPimpin3345d ago

If I remember correctly, Master Vander died along with Master Zhar (the pink twi'lek that trained you in KotOR) on Visas (blind sith from KotOR2) home planet.