Splinter Cell: Conviction - New engine details and features

PCGamesHardware: Sam Fisher will be back on the screens in Splinter Cell: Conviction which is said to be released in October 2009. Only little information about the latest part of the Splinter Cell series is available, but Ubisoft just gave us some details on the technical aspects.

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Sonyslave33344d ago

Damn this game look awesome

iceman29293344d ago

Is LEAD a modification of unreal two or is it 100% proprietary ?

AAACE53344d ago

I had no interest in this game until I saw the E3 video, now it is newr the top of my list!

IdleLeeSiuLung3344d ago

He is mentioning graphical techniques that were used in the newest Unreal Engine used in GeoW2. I think they are just using Unreal again, but it looks pretty darn good though.

It doesn't look like a traditional Unreal engine game....

really duh3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

The lighting engine is custom and its far more advanced than 99% of other lighting systems. I can't wait to see this game in other environments.

FantasyStar3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I don't get it. If "LEAD is an evolutionary step from the SC:CT Engine": which is known to run on Unreal 2.5 Engine, LEAD still Unreal tech then?

Troll-Killer3344d ago

Its similar to the Too Human deal...but without the lawsuit. I'm not sure how it works out LEGALLY, but basically Ubisoft Montreal has been tearing UE2 apart, and modifying it to the point where they are able to call it their "own". I'm sure if there was a problem with how they do this, Epic would have busted them on this long ago. In car speak, it'd be kinda like buying a brand new Chevy 350 big block, then boring the crap out of it, swapping out all the guts with racing-quality parts, adding a bunch of Holley bling, etc., and dropping in a Ford T-bucket. When you're done, its really not a "Chevy" engine anymore.

Calvin_ISA3343d ago

Chevy doesn't make 350 Big Blocks, all of their 350's are Small Block.. But I see your point. Kudos for knowing something other than video games though. :P

Rowsdower3344d ago

it could be claymation on a vhs camcorder for all i care.
as long as its as fun as past installments thats all i care about.

Gue13344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

No wonder they don't want to make the game for the PS3. They are using the fuking Unreal Engine 2... UE3 doesn't works well on PS3, imagine how they'll run a prior version of it!

Now we know for sure that this game will NEVER see the light on
PS3. Even Epic themself had problems with UE3 when making the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III. =(

JasonPC360PS3Wii3343d ago

You want this game so bad it hurts.


you want MGS 4 , KZ2, GOW 3, infamous,DF 2 so bad.
see it can go either way.
on topic the game looks cool i'll check it out when the 360 is worth getting,until then back to real life playing my guitar

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The story is too old to be commented.