Ninja Blade coming to PC this fall

Polish site has obtained a sales-sheet of Ninja Blade PC version. The game is supposed to come to PCs this fall.

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-MD-3344d ago

I don't think anybody cares? And the 3 people that do will just torrent it.

Cubituss3344d ago

Well, that's a bit cynical, don't you think? Not to mention a bit useless on a NEWS site ;)

jahcure3344d ago

wasn't this game once hailed as a God of War killer? Why wouldn't anyone care? I'll be one of those torrenting it as i do with all 360 games that come on pc. Can't beat free. And the good thing about free is that you tend to play games that are crap anyways.

Avenged Sevenfold3344d ago

I for one don't care, but speak for yourself, other people may have wanted to play this.


some games are not even worth the time it takes to download...

I was actually one of the few who thought the game may be good ( god knows why i thought that ) but ya, i went and got the full game and i cannot begin explain how bad i think this game is...

its a shame really, these guys should make another otogi, they were great games. This was a complete mess.

the only thing its competing with is worst game of the year title.

MisterNiwa3344d ago

Where are the Xbox Fanboys now?

GameGambits3344d ago

Wasn't it some random nobody fat wierd lookin dude who hailed this game to be "The Xbox's God of War, and I don't care what anyone says man." We all laughed at him and that video, and since then he hasn't showed up on N4G ever again. Wish that would work on HHG since he gets it constantly and rightly so for being a smug dumba$$.

It's so weird though that From Software who made this also did Demon's Souls. Ninja Blade is mediocre at best, but Demon's Souls is outstanding meriting it a solid 9/10 from me. I hope for their sake they stay away from or fire the guy who lead Ninja Blade and take note to listen to the Demon's Souls mastermind. :)

Chubear3344d ago

I ask cause 1) I can't think of any and 2)... why the hell do people buy a 360 when every game they have can be experience on some other platform? No, I want to understand, why? is X-game chat really such a massive feature to spend 399 for a console and spend another 250 every gen for gold subscription?... that's over 600 bucks just for X-game chat? ... really?

Ok, so Sony's about to launch X-game video chat for free... then what? I just don't understand the mentality of the people who support this console so I need to be enlightened. Please educate me. If a console has no exclusive games, little to no new IPs, little to no in-house new IPs, a well known astronomical hardware failure rate that even some of it's fanbase buy BACK UPS for it(insanity) and made to pay hundreds to experience these games online with others... what's the appeal?

You can't even play games with anyone outside of your friends list when in the 360 in-game community but with the PS3 you can just walk into a space dedicated to a game like Resistance and hook up with several other gamers you just met and like that are not on your friend's list and play a game right there... for free.

I'm just baffled by the 360 fanbase to be honest.

Chubear3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

and we all know the much hyped Splinter Cell that the 360 fanbase have been huggin onto will also be multiplat by next year. Is halo and gears with sprinkles of Fable & Forza really all you need? really?

Hell, expect to see this game on the PS3 at some point in time too.

neonchez3343d ago

"And the good thing about free is that you tend to play games that are crap anyways."

why is that good? i don't know about you but i have better things to do with my time then play crappy videogames, even a free one.

hell, i'd go so far as saying i would be LESS likely to finish a bad game if it were free. if i buy a crap game i at least have the incentive of "well, i spent money on it so i've got to finish it".

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Keith Olbermann3344d ago

I was hoping this would make the leap to pc....oh I wasnt.

TheBand1t3344d ago

Piracy of this gonna is gonna be Xbox hueg.

kaveti66163343d ago

Even with millions of Xbox 360 owners pirating games, most multiplats sell around the same amount of copies on either platform, not to mention titles like Cod4 and GTAIV and Halo3 and Gears 2 selling more on the 360 than any PS3 exclusive. But then again, sales don't count right? And neither does piracy.

Avenged Sevenfold3344d ago

Meh, I liked NG a lot more. This game just felt unfinished.

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