Why Xbox 360 falls Behind Playstation 3

CriousGamer Wrote....Ever since Sony's latest platform Playstation 3 has been released it has been bashed by gamers,fanboys & developers alike for one simple reason, the Price Tag.

So keeping the Price Tag argument aside "CriousGamers" will share why Playstation 3 is the best platform this generation has to offer.

NOTE--- This article does not flame the Xbox 360 or their fans in anyway, we're just talking about the facts here.

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Kain813315d ago

why are you not reporting this

i know why....

green3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

Because i never saw it and even if i did,the article is only talking about the PS3 from a business perspective but not from "my console is better than yours" flamebait mentality that i taught N4G had abandoned.

-chaz-3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

...probably because I never saw it, and that article you're talking about is an actual commentary and not just fanboy spam.

If I need to explain the difference to you then I'm not even going to bother to argue it

morganfell3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

I was getting ready to ask them the same thing. Don't worry, green's excuse is transparent. It is obvious why he doesn't report it. Just for that, here comes an approval. I would have been glad to disapprove this article but since that is not what they want then PS3 fans are left with no choice. There has been a flood of PS3 is dying, dommed, whatever articles. I guess it's time to fight fire with a napalm strike.

Serjikal_Strike3315d ago

Playstation 3 is the clear winner.....obviously

Crystallis3315d ago

"Playstation 3 is the clear winner.....obviously"

Because truth is truth.

-Mezzo-3315d ago

I'll agree to that, and as soon as we see a price cut BOOM it's PS3 all over because PS3 has the power the games, nothing is missing except the price cut.

zok3103315d ago

Soon you wont be able to compare the 360 to the PS3, in my opinion the PS3 already have the 360 beaten and things are going to get better for the PS3 as time goes on.
Only the paid off media is keeping the 360 alive.

Too_Hyped3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

360 is falling behind PS3 mostly because of lack of content. Every major exclusive is on PS3 (mgs4, lbp, infamous, killzone 2, mlb 09, god of war 3, gran turismo 5, valkyria chronicles, demon souls, mag, heavy rain, uncharted 1 and 2, the ratchets...)

It's all about games after all, and they're on PS3.

Still, 360 is a nice option if you haven't got enough money for a PS3... You can still enjoy multiplatform games.

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