GTA Chinatown Wars:Why It Failed On The DS

SKOAR! writes"Although the triumphant calls echo across millions of PSP users, two points come onto the fore. The stability of Nintendo's gaming machine(s) in handling an audience which according to Tretton is not above 12 and the transitional experience that made the DS experience different from the previous versions of GTA that had already been released on the PSP."

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822119863190d ago

i doubt i'll but it again...

AAACE53190d ago

I got it for the DS as well, but I have rarely played it. The main pronlem I see is that it is hard to go back to playing a top down GTA game after you have went 3D. Everything is there to make a good game, except the viewpoint.

narked3190d ago

i really wish i played it, but for me i lost interest in playing the ds :/ i think gta is really a good game since i used to love retro gta but i lost interest in the ds :/

GCNSeanFoster3190d ago

This game did not fail on the DS, the gamers failed the game itself. One of the best DS games ever made and its only sold 500,000 worldwide. I am sure if it had cute puppy dogs or Hannah Montana on the front of the box it would have sold 2 million in the first week...

cwir3189d ago

I love GTA:CW on my DS. I've already played around 25 hours on it and I've got over 90% complete. It is by far the best DS game.

Kinda gives you the idea what kind of gamers are most DS users - little kids...

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sinncross3190d ago

With up graphics and more missions, I'll be sure to look out for tthe PSP version.

822119863190d ago

thats exactly wat the article says...

SpoonyRedMage3190d ago

It's a strange situation in my opinion because the DS seems to be Japanocentric as JRPGs have enjoyed good success on the platform(with numerous million sellers) and they're definately hardcore.

@AACE5 have you seen Ubisoft's COP: The Recruit from E3 that might be more your thing, I'm certainly intrigued by it, but not totally convinced.

Da One3190d ago

oh well more for me and SMT:Devil Survivor comes out tomorrow

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The story is too old to be commented.