Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Tuesday 23rd June 2009 - Rock Band

Console Monster writes: "Rather than clogging up the Xbox Live Marketplace update, I thought it'd be best to do this as a separate post as there is just so many new Rock Band tracks to purchase today from the likes of Bad Religion, Maroon 5 and Pearl Jam. Here is the full Rock Band Xbox Live Marketplace update for Tuesday 23rd June 2009:

"Reinventing Your Exit"
Price: 160 Microsoft Points
Size: 36 MB
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track: "Reinventing Your Exit" -- Underoath. PLEASE NOTE: Rock Band game disc is required to play song game tracks. Many Rock Band song game tracks are available as both a multipack and as a single game track. These song game tracks are exactly the same (unless expressly noted as a special version or remix). Be aware that it is possible to download the same song game track twice so please carefully consider your purchases. For music credits, visit There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see"

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teh-panda3259d ago

Ok good. But come July and I get my Green Day songs I'll be one happy panda.