The Wii "perfect for mature action games"

"Dead Space Extraction's story designer John Calhoun couldn't help but share why the Wii is a great platform for games such as Dead Space. After praising the Wii for it's controls and "how much fun" they are in Extraction, John said something sales numbers have a hard time backing."

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Product3312d ago

Even though Madworld and House of the Dead didn't do fantastic in sales i have a feeling Dead Space and Resident Evil will.

gaffyh3312d ago

I think Resident Evil may do well, but Dead Space, I dunno. Resi name is more known, but then again let's see what the Conduit does first.

Product3312d ago

I'll agree Resident Evil does have th best chance but I have faith Dead Space might surprise.

Lifendz3312d ago

and it's audience can safely be said to be the 360/PS3 crowd. Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube is heralded by many as the best Resident Evil ever. I can't help but think Wii owners choosing between the two will opt for Resident Evil.

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Seferoth753312d ago

Dead Space crowd on PS3/360? Maybe the casual crowd but the true hardcore fans have it for the PC for the best features and graphics..

SinnedNogara3312d ago

Dead Space has no history of success because the game in the Dead Space franchise for Wii isn't out yet!!! DUH!!!!

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DragonWarrior_43312d ago

I agree with what he said, but I dont think on rails shooters are the best the wii has to offer. Dead Space on the ps3 and xbox 360 were freaking awesome, way better then any on rails shooter could ever be. However, with Wii motion plus, games like a new Zelda with 1:1 motion control is the next step in the evolution in gaming and I cant wait to get my hands on any other game that supports the Wii motion plus in a ways that use the Wii motion plus to its potential.

Product3312d ago

Agreed, I personally can't wait till Red Steel 2, but i do love rail shooters and both Dead Space and Resident Evil fit the bill for me personally. I could see how people wouldn't like them though. Acquired taste.

robotnik3312d ago

How comes its full of kids games and casual crap? Oh nevermind. It's Nintendopad, a swarm of angry nintendrones plague that site.

SinnedNogara3312d ago

Because first-parties can't make countless hardcore games and most third-parties just release nothing but crapware.

Eiffel3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

No, just no. I'll go with the exception of Dead Space. But no. The wii is not perfect for mature titles. Its mature userbase may as well be three people. If its not made by Nintendo it never does really all that well. Third party developers are really starting to make me wonder what acid they're tripping on.

jay23312d ago

Sorry but......... NO WAY. the Wii's for 2 year olds or a first console.

ChickeyCantor3312d ago

". the Wii's for 2 year olds"

O yeah sure that makes sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.