Rethinking This Whole "Play for Achievements" Thing

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"Looking back, I realized that I got caught up in the achievements race that Xbox 360 created. In all honesty, having your "friends" see what you're up to can be intimidating in a nonchalant, self-inflicting, peer-pressure kind of way. I had this underlying feeling that I wanted to play the latest and greatest just to impress. Beating Gears of War on Insane mode? Yeah, I did that. Did I have to? Not necessarily. A part of me pushed forward with it because not many of my gaming buddies could or would even attempt to do so."

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Batzi3317d ago

a dildo shaped iced cup. :D

JL3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Sorry, I couldn't resist with the picture given the nature of the article lol.

All joking aside, I do agree with the point being made in the article.

SuicidalTendencies3317d ago

That must be Golf's coveted pecker award.

SuicidalTendencies3316d ago

There must be a golf fan in here hitting the disagree button.


Im not into achievements or trophies personally...yet i did like perks

Kushan3316d ago

Errr...what an odd article. Achievements are bad because people will see what you're up to? The PS3 is better because it's harder for people to find out?
That's one of the most absurd things I've ever heard on this site. It's not Microsoft's, or Sony's or Achievement's/Trophy's fault that you're incredibly insecure.

poindat3316d ago

I do go out of my way to get trophies, but only if it's in a game I like. I don't see why someone would play a game that they don't enjoy just to raise some superficial number. Unless they're insecure or something.

kurochi3316d ago

actually, there are people like that. My co-worker (who's an x-bot), recently bought a PS3 and played through the copy of MGS IV (which still don't have trophy support) I lend him in 2 days.... Now I like finishing games, but I felt that he just went through it without actually enjoying the game. He told me because there was no trophy support, he doesn't want to play through it again. He just wanted to finish it, I don't get it? It's a master piece and should be enjoyed instead of rushing through just to say you've beat it.

jakethesnake3316d ago

I like achievements simply because they give me more reasons to play a game that I already love. The first time through I'm all about the story, but I will play a great game several more times to work on getting all the achievements and it causes me to stick with a game a lot longer than I would have otherwise. I don't need to do them all, but on a great game, I will want to do them all!

BattleAxe3316d ago

I play to have fun, and if I get trophies then great.

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The story is too old to be commented.