Batman:Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition

HMV has put up the collectors edition of the new batman game. More after the jump.

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wiggles3311d ago

That looks sexy as hell!

StanLee3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Collector's edition for a button masher?! Seriously, this game looks great but it's shallow and repetitive and the combo system is not a deep as the developers wants us to believe. Please try the demo.

Kushan3311d ago

The combat system isn't terribly deep, you're right, but the presentation, story, style, etc. of the game are brilliant.

darkgunner3311d ago

I agree.

I'm not really into games where you have to string along combos as I suck and usually button mash throughout it. However, I'm really interested in this game and may just pick it up.

likedamaster3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Seriously, I tried the demo on ps3 and it plays really well compared to many many games. The fighting flows. Good stuff. Got it already preordered... for 360 though.

I'm a knife/sword enthusiast so it's collector's ed. for me.

Rusco873311d ago

I think for a collectors edition you get quite alot, the price is steep for and i definitely would not buy it without trying it first

iceman29293311d ago

Someone on the website said that the batarang was "stand attached"... does that mean i would have to do some forcefully disassembling?

... Batarang awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. *pokes own eye out*

Sheikh Yerbouti3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

because shmucks like me would try to use it on a cat or something. "Take that you feline fiend! Never again will you get into my garbage."

B-Day present to me-self for the doctor's note book.

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