Best Buy Dissidia Preorder Bonus: Desktop Calendar

The preorder bonus from Best Buy is a desktop calendar for Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

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robotnik3259d ago

You changed your face pic. I guess it's "better" now!

Myst3259d ago

Holy I have to decide if I want from Gamestop, Best buy or Amazon. The choice of a different UMD case (Game stop), Calendar (Best buy) or Sound track (amazon) I may very well go with the sound track...

shotgunkiwi3259d ago

The amazon soundtrack isn't the full soundtrack (select tracks from), so I would advise against it. Preorder elsewhere, and just buy the full OST.

Myst3259d ago

Ah, thanks for that. Bubbles, thought it would have been the full soundtrack. Well now I see no need to actually pre-order anywhere..

gintoki7773259d ago

calendar or cases calendar or cases calendar =( or....cases!
idk ill wait a few weeks before i decided
just got my psp 3000 today never knew it was so light and first game is crisis core which im 2 hours in already lol

Myst3258d ago

Yeah the PSP-3000 is really light, more so than the 1000 I had. For some reason I was afraid I might break it so I bought the logitech case for it (which is nice). Yeah Crisis Core is a really fun game, don't forgot to add Monster Hunter Freedom United to that last :D.