Capcom and Sony Offer New Monster Hunter PSP Bundles

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today the PlayStation Portable New Hunters Pack. Set for release on July 23, this ¥21,000 package bundles a PSP-3000 with a copy of the PSP the Best version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. The bundle will be offered in Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue variations, each with unique packaging themed around monsters from the game.

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devilhunterx3375d ago

this is a like a big middle finger to activision

sinncross3375d ago

I wonder if bundling with the PSP Go would have been a better move:
granted the PSP 3000 is cheaper but with the PSP GO, a few existing MH PSP owners could see the upgrade as worthwhile and new players would get the new PSP.

Either way, interesting colour choice; they better release this at a time when the PSP is lacking games in Japan.

Christopher3374d ago

They make a ton of money off of these games and they have an install base that will buy these CE bundles up like nobody's business.

I'm waiting for the PSPGo, though, so will have to try out my first Monster Hunter game when that gets out to the public.

Myst3374d ago

Capcom and Sony Offer New Monster Hunter PSP Bundles (In Japan)

Because unlike and Japan and Europe the U.S. won't be getting any -.-'