Game Critics Announce The "Official" Best Of E3

Luke Plunkett: "Lots of sites and magazines will tell you what they thought the best stuff at E3 was. Heck, we did! But only one set of awards are the result of the biggest outlets joining forces."

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Marceles3311d ago

Yeah the presentation was undeniably impressive. The guy didn't even have to speak anymore about the game, it spoke for itself.

"Here's Uncharted 2."
(crowd in awe)
"welp sigh....see ya later."

FarEastOrient3311d ago

I have to agree with Uncharted 2 being the winner of best of the show, from my technical side of programming and computers after seeing the gameplay footage shown during the conference I was amazed by the engine and skills of the developers. For drawing distance, particle effects, objects with physics, and color have created an amazing product.

For me to do the same on PC I would have to link a few of my computers together to multi-thread and process what was being done by that game. Heck I'm still pissed that the Corei7 Extreme Edition which cost more than an entire PS3 runs slower than the PS3's Cell.

Now if programmers on the PS3 used more Ray-tracing for objects and textures and you can decrease the usage on the RAM.

Syronicus3311d ago

That is great news. I have absolutely loved the game Uncharted since it hit store shelves and have since played it through a half dozen times. I just cannot get enough of the game and now on to the second installment. Keep it up Naughty Dog!

mal_tez923311d ago

WOW. You really went into some technical stuff. I'm not sur I belive that a PS3 is better than an i7 but yu do seem to know what you're talking about.

As for the game I must say I was impressed. Drake's Fortune is my favourite game ever; I thought it was a perfect game and I really didn't see how it could be improved, but I was wrong. The game is a drastic improvement on the first in almost every aspect. I can't wait.

Lifendz3311d ago

Glad the critics gave the game the recognition it looks like it deserves. Superb writing matched by amazing graphics and strong gameplay all add up to 2009's game of the year. Another exclusive AAA from Sony! I'm getting spoiled ;)

SevWolf3311d ago

Uncharted 2 EASILY stole the show, I mean everything was great but I was just wowed by that, in the end Naughty Dog is just an amazing team, everything I thought was great won from scribblenauts to Mass Effect 2, but Im just surprised that GOW didnt get anything it was the second most impressive thing I saw visually as well as gameplay, after UC 2 ofcourse

Raf1k13311d ago

There was an article on here the other week saying the Cell was quicker than an i7 at a particular task (a CPU intensive task).

I can't quite remember what it was.

Lifendz3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Maybe because that surprise factor wasn't there for God of War III. DOn't get me wrong. It looks phenominal as well. But I think most were expecting that. Sony Santa Monica may be Sony's best in-house team and we have Jaffe saying the game looks like a painting. For many it was exactly what they expected it would be. Uncharted 2, on the other hand, probably left a big impression on everyone whether they were a fan of the original or not. And the way Sony showed it off on-stage was great.

Either way I know I'll be broke after I pick up just the exclusive Sony games I want this year.

SevWolf3311d ago

@ lifendz..yh ure probably right, everybody expected GOW III to be top notch, but I always thought UC 2 was gnna be gr8 but not JAW DROPPING...well they proved wrong!!

ultimolu3311d ago

Yea! :D


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Mo0eY3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Best Racing Game

Where's the Forza defense brigade?

And where is Brutal Legend? :\

Lifendz3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

telling GT fans why they think Forza is superior. Doesn't GT PSP have more cars than Forza 3?

Edit: Perhaps the number of cars doesn't mean that much but it's gotta account for something, no? Then again I suppose Forza's 400 cars should be plenty. I'm waiting for GT5 anyway.

Raf1k13311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I was actually surprised that Forza didn't win that one since so many sites are praising it.

TBH, number of cars really doesn't have much to do with how good a racing game is. I don't know why people even bother using that since it has barely any weight in an argument about which racing game is better.

Christopher3311d ago

The #1 thing people look for in racing games is how fun it is. I guess this year neither of the simulation games ended up being as fun and/or having as good of presentations as Split/Second.

I actually chuckled at this because it's kind of like all of the various racing fans have been arguing-and will continue doing so I'm sure-over which is the best when other games have just been sneaking in to steal some of their thunder.

StanLee3311d ago

Forza and Split/Second are two very different games. Split/Second has broader appeal and certainly had an impressive showing. It looks like chaotic, racing mayhem. I'm really looking forward to it.

maxcer3311d ago

@2.2 "TBH, number of cars really doesn't have much to do with how good a racing game is"

i kinda agree with this, when i played GT1,2, and 4 i only used a small handful of cars. 800 cars is a good variety but when you don't even have the time to get into 700 of them its pointless

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Clap Your Hands3311d ago

Best of Show
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America for PlayStation 3)

Best Console Game
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America for PlayStation 3)

Best Action/Adventure Game
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America for PlayStation 3)

N4GAddict3311d ago

Looks like Best of 2009 will be next lol

ShinMaster3311d ago

I gotta admit. When that walkthrough was shown for the first time, it sent chills down my spine.

The action, the gameplay, the whole exposition of it was just so great and entertaining.

Lifendz3311d ago

My prof must've thought I was watching a porno or something because my mouth was open and I probably had this crazy look on my face.

All-33311d ago

Best of Show - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

Best Original Game - Scribblenauts (DS)

Best Console Game - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

Best PC Game - Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

Best Handheld Game - Scribblenauts (DS)

Best Hardware/Peripheral - "Project Natal" (360)

Best Action Game - Modern Warfare 2 (PC,PS3,360)

Best Action/Adventure Game - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

Best Role Playing Game - Mass Effect 2 (PC, 360)

Best Racing Game - Split/Second (PC,PS3,360)

Best Sports Game - Fight Night Round 4 (PS3,360)

Best Fighting Game - Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Wii)

Best Strategy Game - Supreme Commander 2 (PC,360)

Best Social/Casual/Puzzle - DJ Hero (PS3,360,Wii)

Best Online Multiplayer - Left 4 Dead 2 (PC,360)

* FIVE - PS3 games.

* Project Natal + SEVEN 360 games.

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Sony Rep3311d ago

Can't argue. Uncharted 2 is GoTY2009

Eiffel3311d ago

Congrats to everyone.

See what I did there?

HDgamer3311d ago

no I don't see. This area is supposed to have console wars and epenis's that are bigger and harder than everyone else.[/sarcasm]

Eiffel3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I forgot I was defying logic, my bad. [/sarcasm]

Information Minister3311d ago

This ain't Switzerland. There's no neutrality here. This is the gamer zone. You pick a side and you defend it vigorously while dissing the other side beyond all logic and reason. It's just how stuff works around here. /s

Silly Mammo3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I've been reading your posts over the last couple of days and I'm truly disgusted! You opinions and statements seem to border on rationale and level-headed thinking. That type of mentality has no place on N4G. What did you do? Actually read the "Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines?"

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