Very strange PlayStation 3 mod

The steam punk PS3 mod. One of the weirdest customized PS3's! Checkout all images after the jump.

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xabmol3099d ago

Maybe it just captures the "tinkering mechanic" in all of us?

And LOL at the "Kill Ratio" gauge. xD

Tony P3099d ago


Reminds me of that Damnation steampunk PC for which Destructoid had a contest. I so wish I could build this kind of stuff... I probably could with some research...but I get sidetracked too much already.

hay3099d ago

True. Steampunk style = instant win for me.

LiL T3099d ago

but that Damnation game kinda blows. I rented it, played the first level and couldn't bring myself to play any longer. The game has cool weapons and vehicles but the gameplay is glitchy and graphics are weak.

Syronicus3099d ago

That thing looks insta cool. Very slick look and I would agree, steam punk = win for me.

Chrisny853099d ago

that piece on the flip lid looks like its meant to hold toilet paper

edgeofblade3099d ago

Very cool mod. I'm glad to see more and more PS3 users taking to case modding like they did for the 360. It's a sign of a vibrant community.

And case modding a PS3 has much less risk than modding a 360. Clearly, I love my 360, but case mod it and break the warranty? I don't think so.

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INehalemEXI3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

They got a killer steam punk p3t for the xmb I DL the other day that would kick arse with that mod its got sweet sound fx too.

jay23099d ago

Wow very cool and nice look.

Crazyglues3099d ago

Now if those pipes were for liquid cooling then this would have been the most Awesome Mod ever... but still pretty cool...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3099d ago

...Doctor Who's TARDIS!!! ;-D

Looks strange but i want 1!!!;)

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The story is too old to be commented.