Koku Gamer: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Review

Koku Gamer writes: "The first thing I noticed out of the gate was the new character customization mode and I'm a sucker for such a mode so I had to give a spin. While it may not be as deep as one may like a create a character mode to be it's got a decent set of options that allows the player to create a Warrior that can be used in Empire mode. Players are able to choose the Hair style, Face, Clothing, Voice, Weapon, Abilities and naturally the name of the character. All of these things will carry over into the Empire mode should you decide to use your Custom character. Even better is that throughout Empire mode you will unlock more options for character customization so you will have something to work towards if you end up liking that aspect of the game."

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Carnage12903259d ago

Another Dynasty Warriors, hurrah!(sarcasm)

DeadlyDevil3259d ago

Never liked button mashers myself, looks like they tryed to make it more... :/ (the new elements added)

Ziriux3259d ago

But you're still renting it achievement whore hehe

Superduper093259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Does this game have trophies?

Ziriux3259d ago

Sure does, just like any game has achievements.

Wonderfulwest3259d ago

I well another Another Dynasty Warriors is here and once again i wont be playing it. dont like the whole button bashing and JRPG thing

LeShin3259d ago

JRPG? It's not even based in Japan, it's China! It isn't even an RPG!!

Ziriux3259d ago

Hahah JRPG? It's not a RPG in any way, especially not Japanese.

Reibooi3259d ago

not J-RPG not maybe CRPG? iono It's not really a RPG even though there is a bit of leveling up there really is no RPG elements in it. More like button mashing and strategy elements.

Ziriux3259d ago

Something like BMRGP lol (Button Mashing Role Playing Game)

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Reibooi3259d ago

good call although I don't think you would be able to see everything in the game as the review says there is a massive amount of content there. But you could always just play until you get board.

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