Army Recruiters Turn to Online Gaming Market

The Army is set to sponsor the Global Gaming League website with $2m as a means of attempting to recruit primarily 17-24 year old males, traditionally a tough target group to reach via advertising. The sponsorship deal will present the Army with an opportunity to spread their message to the 9.2m players who frequent the site on a monthly basis.

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Bigmac5733994d ago

Join the army now and we'll give you 10,000 WoW gold!

highps33994d ago

Seriously pretty scary they look at gamers as our future soldier.

wasted3994d ago

lol thats just wrong. like fpsdoug once said. what happens if i get lag out there f*&k! BOOOOM HEADSHOT

InMyOpinion3994d ago

Sign up and go kill yourselves for nothing!

crazyman3994d ago

Graphics suck, Ill stick with GoW :)

ITR3994d ago

AA has more realistic game play.
(ex Army vet)

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