Square Enix software figures for the fiscal year, now in English

Today, Square Enix finally released the "North American version" of their latest financial results for the fiscal year.

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knox3228d ago

just googled and found that, looks like it came out yesterday

Syronicus3228d ago

Whatever their plan is, it is certainly not investor friendly. Sorry, but if they want to set an example to Activision as to what it looks like when you support fewer systems then fine but in all honesty, it sure doesn't look good on the books in the end.

Take a close look Activision! This is what happens when you neglect consoles.

MisterNiwa3228d ago

Does someone remember that The Last Remnant was a Multiplatform title? :D

GameGambits3228d ago

I think the problem honestly is that their audience has grown as well as the game industry as a whole. Many Japanese developers have stated that they feel their country in the development of games is almost "in a rut", since they can't keep up to snuff on what it is western developers have been doing for games now.

The same kind of stories, gameplay, etc that worked back when I was younger doesn't suit me anymore. I think if I had been 13-15 that something like Star Ocean: The Last Hope would have been a good story and the voice acting wouldn't have bugged me. However, I'm 21 and I just can't really say that was a great game like Star Ocean: The Second Story back on PS1.

It'll be a lot of work and money if not only Square, but other developers in Japan can evolve enough with how we all have as consumers. It doesn't mean westernizing what they want to make, but it means taking what they had and just pushing it to the next level in every way. If you look at the new FF13 trailer from E3 and look at the fighting field in the grass areas, the ground literally looks like PS2 era or less grass areas. They need to put more time into details in everything. They have to avoid stupid humor like a black guy with a chocobo in his afro. It's just childish choices and immature pull for laughs. For me, a Barret black dude is better than w/e his face is any day.

FFVersus13 though looks just like what I'm talking about in pushing things to the next level. Art style, detail, and avoiding stupid humor so far in what we've seen.

Tokyo Game Show this year needs to really be WOW to reestablish hope for western fans of Japanese games. If Square can't do it,then it's up to Atlus with Shin Megami Tensei to keep the ball moving.

hay3228d ago

@MisterNiwa: Let me correct you. Did someone remember Last Remnant? I totally forgot about this game...

himdeel3228d ago to say that Square-Enix should stop publishing for 360 because I think that's just ridiculous. However I do think as Jinxstar in that SE they need to follow CAPCOM's lead and develop an engine that can be used for near identical ports between 360/PS3 and go multiplatform with all of their games from here on out. This way they don't have to spend money to develop a new engine each time out or continue using Unreal.

I cannot presume that the people that wanted these games don't have a 360 or that they are just mediocre games because I haven't played a Square game since they've become Square Enix. However it does seem that for whatever reason they're games aren't selling as much as I thought they did. Personally I'm just not interested in their games at the present and hope FF13 or FFV13 is a reason to give a SE game another shot.

Maybe I'll snag a used copy of a FF game after 8 and test the waters for myself before 13 drops.

Nikuma3227d ago

Try FF9. That is the last good FF game IMO. 10-12 have all been mediocre and boring IMO.

TheReaper423227d ago

SE: "i think i'll ignore the hardcore RPG gamers (80% of ps3 owners) and focus on the Shooter gamers (99.9% of xbox360 owners).. maybe try to convert them into RPG fans."

Reality Check: "nice try, but definitely no cigars."

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lloyd_wonder3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Lmao. Their highest selling game was a PSP game. They should support the PSP more. I bet a Dragon Quest PSP game will sell Monster Hunter numbers.

The BBS Kingdom Hearts game for PSP will probably sell more than the DS game also.

cayal3228d ago

Not one PS3 game. That is disgusting.

TheTruth893228d ago

Square have released a PS3 Game???

Jinxstar3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

This really shows they need to stop supporting the 360 on concentrate on sony and nintendo.

Edit: Below

Yeah I saw The Last remnant and was like "oh hey maybe it's not that bad" Until I looked at Xbox360/"PC" and remembered seeing it on steam pretty cheap... Oh well. They'll figure it out I hope.

Edit: Gaffyh

They have the crystal tools now... Capcom Wised up so hopefully they will too...

ultimolu3228d ago


It's their loss and it'll get worse for them if they don't stop whatever they're doing right now.

militant073228d ago

no they will not,

and isnt square enix isnt good anymore and they are dead ?

gaffyh3228d ago

Yeah its ridiculous most of the 360 games barely sold 500,000 units worldwide. This is at least a huge reason to make jrpgs multiplat rather than 360 exclusive.

Chris3993228d ago

And none of their new IPs for the 360 did anything in terms of sales. Not trying to take sides, but it's obvious that they chose the wrong audience. Even some shoddy ports to the PS3 would have bolstered their financial earnings (and pissed off fans, but since when have SE NOT pissed off their supporters?).

Wouldn't want to be Wada in a shareholders meeting anytime soon.

Godmars2903228d ago

Its not like they've given themselves any numbers that gives them reason to support the PS3.

Notice I'm putting the blame on them.

Rob0g0rilla3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Screwing gamers and losing money in the process = EPIC FAIL

I can understand Microsoft is trying to establish a fan base in Japan but it's just not working. People in Japan are pretty pissed off that they brought a 360 for Tales of Vesperia just to see the complete version announced for PS3 in less then a year later.

Rekyyli3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

How about SE making a good game for starters. No one wants to buy these half baked crap JRPGs, no matter the platform.

Miss the SNES/PS1 days Square Soft, shame that those times are gone for good now.

Fvcking up the upcoming FF would be the grand ending to this company.

leila013228d ago

I disagree with the poster that said they should stop supporting the X360 (that's just a Playstation fanboy's wet dream) since it's very easy and cheap to develop for. And also, X360 only owners would be able to play their games.

In my opinion, the only reason why you see more support from them on Microsoft's Xbox 360 is because Microsoft is paying for all these games.

3228d ago
Jinxstar3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

First off. I never said "PS3" I said "Sony and Nintendo".

Next Gen JRPG's are expensive to develop PERIOD. No matter the console because there is so much art and time needed all around. A ton of QA and otherwise. Writers, actors, and probably mind numbing monotony in level development, Motion capture and cut scenes... You also act like it costs twice as much to port a game as it does to develope one... It doesn't. Especially with their crystal tool set.

We'll see how WKC does since SE has kinda kicked the PS3 to the side lately. We need a quality JRPG dev like level 5 to show the way. If it sparks like I believe it will then we'll see how it does. Other games that have elements of RPG's like MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles or Demons soul for example sell really well. Whatever though I know there is no arguing with you guys.

This is just imo though. Think what you want but looking at this chart 360 sales suffer while handhelds rule. The least they could do like Gaffyh said is start making them multiplat to at least recover their investment.

Edit: Just like Silvercrest said below.

The price point for games are just too high anymore for half done games imo...

militant073228d ago

lol, ps3 fanboy disagreed without adoubt!

silvacrest3228d ago

if they supported the 360/ps3 from day 1 and still made all thoose rubbish JRPGs they would have been in a better financial situation no matter what

kingdavid3228d ago

Its because you didnt mention the ps3 in a 100% positive light :P.

And I agree, they shouldve just released them on multiplatform. Maybe they are gonna release these games later on on the ps3 or most likely conclusion is MS paid them something. Either way, the sales for dq9, dq 10, ff13 and ff14 will be through the roof. Youve gotta remember that they havent released an ff or dq sequel for a number of years. Their time in this gen will come sooner rather than later.

FarEastOrient3227d ago

J according to my spreadsheets, the PSP sales for Square Enix games are up this fiscal year. While the number is of DS games released has increased but the average sales has decreased for that platform. The Xbox 360 games are outsold by the PSP games and one (Dissidia) hasn't even been released in the United States.

For the one that mentioned that PS3 JRPGs are not doing well, White Knight Chronicles has outsold The Last Remnant and that is without the US and European release. Valkiyra Chronicles an SRPG has outsold The Last Remnant which is the highest Xbox 360 JRPG game sold.

Tales of Vesperia Complete is expected to outsell its counter-part especially since the PSP Tales Vs is also tied to the PS3 version.

kingdavid3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Incorrect. The highest selling jrpg on the 360 is Lost odyssey by quite a large margin.

You mean highest selling square enix rpg on the 360 i take it. And Valkyria chronicles has not outsold it.... And neither has white knight chronicles.

80k - lost odyssey
54 k - Last remnant
VC - 49k
WKC - 35k

Your facts are just all over the place.

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