Global HD PlayTV test in Australia

SONY Computer Entertainment Australia is ready to launch its much-anticipated PlayTV here, a box that transforms a PlayStation 3 console into a video recorder.

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faisdotal3376d ago

What's the difference betwen the two (Oz and UK/EU) tuner box's?

pandabear3376d ago

We (UK) got the crappy SD version and they are getting the HD version which will come out here next year probably so we need to pay again if we want HD - Great!!

Milky Joe3376d ago

So you'd rather it was delayed by a year, Panda?

lonix3376d ago

been waiting 4 this

first home then vidzone now playtv

HBK6193376d ago


Great that it will be under $200. Very cheap for a HD unit(Granted you need the PS3 as well, but still...). Also good that we have bypassed the SD PlayTV and will go straight to HD.

And a release by October will be very welcome.

Great news all round.

TheBand1t3376d ago

Now give us a US release date.

Sitdown3376d ago

but is this unit even for the US? If not, I would like something similar.

TheBand1t3376d ago

The reason it wasn't released was because we were changing our cable lines to Digital and thus run off a different frequency than what Europe has.

Sitdown3376d ago

we are finally in a place where we can receive this jewel now? Geeez, I would love to have this device.....especially if psp functionality plays nicely with it.

Lumbo3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

This is NOT a cable unit. It is an over-the-air TV broadcast receiver for the DVB-T standard. US digital ota broadcast uses a different standard, hence Play-TV is not coming to the US market for the foreseeable future. The main reason being that the box would be utterly useless as nothing can be received by it in the US.

Australia on the other hand uses DVB-T, hence they get a PlayTV release ..

It is actually not that difficult to understand if you try.

The "global" part is a misconception by the author, as there is no hint at an release outside of Europe and Australia in the text at all. Additionally there is a mistake regarding HD content. The "old" EU box is able to receive and display HD content as long as its broadcasted in DVB-T HD. The new box for Australia will use DVB-T2 HD, the newer version of the standard. France is already broadcasting in DVB-T1 HD though the PlayTV software right now has problems with the sound format used, as it can't handle AV3 as of yet. A patch has been promised for these problems via the EU blog lately.

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cellmember3376d ago

Ummm yeah think us people in the UK want this too sony

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