Wii-exclusive Cursed Mountain heading to PC?

Examiner: "The upcoming Nintendo Wii exclusive game is apparently heading to PC Windows as well."

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qface643379d ago

maybe that's why i don't really like this game much? or maybe its because the enemies look like well like that *points at the pic*

locos853379d ago

Are Wii exclusives exclusive at all?? What other console can their games really go to? PS2?

knox3379d ago

wow whoever wrote this is a moron. how is this news? at best this should be a rumor.

did the guy who wrote this ever think that it could...uh, a mistake? sigh

Keith Olbermann3379d ago

if they want to make any money. Unless the game has Mario or some kind of family play in it, they will suffer a loss.

SpoonyRedMage3379d ago

A Mario horror game you say?:P

phantomexe3379d ago

LOL spoony mario horror game.I bet a game like luigis hookers would sell.CAST YOUR VOTE....