Pirated Copies Of Sims 3 Are A "Demo Program" - Industry Gamers

The Sims 3 was illegally downloaded something like 200,000 times prior to its actual release, outpacing the most pirated title of 2008, EA's Spore. Normally, you'd think this sort of rampant piracy would really be quite upsetting to a publisher. Ironically, however, this kind of leak for Sims 3 essentially served as a "demo program," EA CEO John Riccitiello told us as part of a larger E3 interview.

-Industry Gamers

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kingdavid3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Demo program lol. Its much larger than just a demo, theyre just trying to exagerate how small it is if you download it.

Either way, I bought the game and it is larger enough to warrant a purchase.

Horny3343d ago

ya theres a lot more stuff in the retail version.
I got the Pirated "demo" version to see how it is, now ill go buy the game.

dustgavin3343d ago

All you have to do is just get the add-on content from the same place you got the "demo". ;)

TheIneffableBob3343d ago

It's official: Activision has taken EA's place as the big and evil game corporation.

3343d ago
theEnemy3343d ago

The full version will still get pirated easily.

PirateThom3343d ago

If you have to register to get the extra stuff, it kind of sucks if you have no internet or a low download allowance.

TheIneffableBob3343d ago

I don't think the extra content is that big. Maybe like 2MB for a new couch or something.

mfwahwah3342d ago


It's a whole 'nother city.

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