id confident top-secret game will deliver "Wow factor"

"I'm confident that John [Carmack] is going to be able to deliver that 'Wow' factor in terms of a huge visual and technological difference", id's Todd Hollenshead said of the developer's top-secret project in an interview with

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Imknow13876d ago

Better save some cash :D

TheMART3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Not only PC gamers... John Carmack likes the XBOX 360 very much. So I bet for sure it'll also be for the 360. PS3 might get it. Quake Wars also comes to PC, 360 and PS3

Ah right indeed upgrading the PC again ;-) cost a lot of money... I have left PC gaming a few years ago. It isn't fun anymore have to upgrade each 6 months for real!

Imknow13876d ago

I know that it's coming out for the 360/PS3, I'm talking about the PC gamer in general since they're going to spend more on hardware just to play this new IP :D

overrated3876d ago

mart upgrading that sounds like somthing else hmmmm?

kewlkat0073876d ago

Well Doom looked great on the original Xbox. That doom engine is still alive. Actually I wonder if it is a Shooter? Yeah I'm thinking about upgrading my Rig to play some new games. I'm mostly an RTS fan on the PC. C&C would be the next game I purchase for the PC. I used to do more PC gaming but I can't keep up with the Hardware.

highps33875d ago

Sorry but WOW is a once in a lifetime type of game. It hit at the right time.

Be awhile before we see any game go as big as wow in terms of MMO.

Doubtful John Carmack will ever create anything as good as for what he is known for again. Sorry but he's pretty old and its the new generation of developers that will really make the difference.

Thanks for virtualization though.