The 10 most Impressive Games of E3 2009 #5

Gameplayer's unique look into what made for the most explosive gameplay of E3 continutes.

"From humble beginnings this studio has made a rapid climb up the respect chain, delivering at E3 2009 and all new IP that'll have the big boppers looking over their shoulders."

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Sucks2BU3381d ago

And if that is true gaemplay like he says, then this is one of the best games of E3 for sure.

Call of What?

Cajun Chicken3381d ago

Okay...why haven't I even heard of this? This looks like another one of those to look out for.

Sucks2BU3381d ago

I have been very surprised by the lack of information on this game. I went to the Wiki page and it had like one line!

NachosWithCheese3381d ago

I don't understand why such a revolutionary sounding game has had so little coverage pre-E3 and also has one of the most mundane mainstream trailers associated with it!

I want to see some of the stuff described on the site!

Sucks2BU3381d ago

Did you check it out at the end of the article?

Sucks2BU3381d ago

You get the feeling this will be one of those games which turns out better on PC. If they don't downgrade seriously for the consoles anyway