Accelerated Gaming Episode #17: Call of Duty to Hurt PlayStation 3?

* OFFICIAL MAG Beta Release Window
* PlayStation Home Update
* Ghostbusters 360 vs. PS3 Debate
* New Xbox 360 in 2010
* Microsoft's John Schappert Leaves Microsoft for EA
* Activision Threats to Ditch PlayStation
* Sony Responds to Activision's Threats To Ditch PlayStation
* Community Poll

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TheHater3313d ago

Doesn't the Hippopgamer also put that at the end of this blogs videos? NOOOOOOOO!!! Hippopgamer madness is spreading like butter on toasts.

Nick2120043313d ago

LMFAO. I am guessing he invented those words now? If I were were to put what was ALL talked about, the list would be towering. What other words would I use? I find it funny how all this stuff is associated with HHG.

belal3313d ago

a HHG ripper, sorry but HHG is better than you :) FACT!

Nick2120043310d ago

I am still clueless to why this is being compared to HHG. They are in no way alike.