GameSpot: Knights in the Nightmare Review

GameSpot writes: "Knights in the Nightmare is the very definition of a genre-defying game. Regardless of how many tactical role-playing games you may have played before, you've never played anything like Knights in the Nightmare. The unusual mechanics and complexity of tactical considerations make this a daunting undertaking for genre newcomers and seasoned vets alike. But Knights in the Nightmare is so skillfully made and compelling that what may first feel like an uneasy mix of disparate genres eventually feels like the perfect marriage of elements, which results in something wholly new and legitimately exciting. If you have any interest in tactical games and don't mind a serious challenge, you should absolutely own Knights in the Nightmare".

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kingdavid3375d ago

I actually dont like this game at all. I thought itd be a hit and when I got down to playing it, the way the story is told leaves alot to be desired and I never got into the combat. Major disappointment imo and I gave it a fair go as well.