Top 10: Highest Paid Characters In Video Games

Koku Gamer writes: "Imagine if video game characters were sport athletes or movie stars. Which video game characters would have the highest paid salaries? I wanted to give a different take on the "Top 10 Video Game Characters" best-of lists we see so often in video game journalism. This usually leaves out characters that have faded away (such as Sonic) or characters that have died or only appeared in one game (although they may have shown some staying power). It also gives room for new characters that have made a big impact in recent years. These are ranked in order from the character who would receive the least amount to the ultimate paycheck for their next game."

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ajcadoo3340d ago

i lold at the periodic table good article.

TheAntiFanboy3340d ago

I was confused. Thought this meant "salary by lore", not "salary by breaking the fourth wall". If that were the case, then I'm pretty sure Lara Croft would be making close to the most, alongside the mercs from Mercenaries 2 and others...

Chrisny853340d ago

great article how is Marcus Fenix not on ther? he is badass def deserves that spot over that mass effect guy.

princejb1343340d ago

before even reading the article im guessing mario, since he does everything
from fighting martial arts, tennis, soccer, baseball, golf, racing, basketball, im surprised mario hasnt gone pro and try wrestling

Elven63340d ago

Sonic MUST be making something...

Ziriux3340d ago

Sonic lol, yea in the sega days, the next gen Sonics were terrible and had horrid sales figures.

LeonSKennedy4Life3340d ago

Britney sucks now...

...but she still sells albums like crack.

JoeyC3340d ago

good list...Mario would of course be number 1, almost completely forgot about Link until I saw him at number 2.

Ziriux3340d ago

Sonic should definitely be in place of Shepard.

stevenhiggster3340d ago

Nathan Drake should be on there if Shepard is.

MiloGarret3339d ago

Please don't compare Shepard to Drake. No, just no.

Funqy3340d ago

No Sonic, but good list none the less.

Wriggy3340d ago

Yeah, SEGA are really milking Sonic. It's got to the stage where I don't even consider buying another Sonic title.

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The story is too old to be commented.