GT Pop-Block: Metroid: Other M ( Trailer Analisys )

E3 2009 Debut Trailer Analisys:

"Set visors to extreme scan mode! Samus's secrets brought to light!"

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xino3377d ago

hmmm this makes me wonder, why are all the journalists trying to detail Other M trailer bit by bit?? As far as I hate GT, they have the best presentation for this analyzation.

A lot detail they added were unneeded. I mean Young Samus giving the "OK" sign. And GT saying something about her badge logo. Come on...please:/

Samus jumping over to another platform in the larva area, GT: there's a path. I mean...seriously:/

It's like Nintendo told the journalists
"the website to come up with the best Metroid Other M analyzation gets a sweet detail.

I think this game will really make me buy a wii againO_o

ChickeyCantor3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

they missed the last part were it says 2010 and then in the top there are 2 more numbers..

Well the badge is important as it indicates the story is much more involved.
Basically you learn more about samus and her past.

Totally forgot Adam said such thing to samus...the story must be upfront for sure now.