Functioning Halo 3 HUD desktop is redonkulous

Lifehacker reader rykennedyan's desktop is an impressive recreation of a first-person view from the popular Halo FPS shooter-with system stats and information completely blended into the desktop.

The desktop is created entirely with customized Rainmeter configurations sitting on top of a Halo 3 wallpaper.

If you want to download, the creator's flickr account is at He is still putting the finishing touched on the final version.

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iseven3375d ago

insane! I'll be installing this right after work. Thanks for the head up (display).

(see what i did there?)

Honky Kong3375d ago

no that would be your avatar.....loser

Bnet3433375d ago

Seems nice, but I don't want my desktop blowned up with it. I got the real thing on my TV. :D

Tony P3375d ago

I wouldn't use the Halo desktop specifically, but I like the idea. I wish I could find a nice Mass Effect theme though.

xabmol3375d ago

And + 1 for shutupandgame just in spite.

It may not have been "comedy at it's best," but it did make me chuckle.

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Fullish3375d ago

Haha the novelty will wear thin quickly.

Scudd3375d ago

Halo 3 on the PC whatever next

Kushan3375d ago

Maybe I'm just being dense, but where's the download link?

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