LR: Prototype Review

Loading Reality writes: "Prototype may not be the best looking (hell, it's not even decent looking) sandbox game out there. It may not be the most refined and fair sandbox game out there. It does not have the same value as other sandbox games. However, it has one very important thing: it is pure fun to play through".

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Lord_Ranos3378d ago

now this is what it deserves. lol

krouse933378d ago

Yes sir INFAMOUS For The Win!

dustgavin3378d ago

Yep. Infamous has officially blown this game away. Too bad that this is the only option for 360 owners.

dustgavin3378d ago

Not too good of a score. Sounds like a rental after I finish through Infamous.

deadreckoning6663378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

I don't understand why people have to down one game to enjoy another.
Yeah, INFAMOUS is SOOOOO gud that most of the people who have it spend more time trolling PROTOTYPE reviews to make sure they bought the right game instead of actually playing INFAMOUS. LOL, letting someone else determine whats worth your money, Christ, people get dumber every day. I have a solution, BUY-EM-BOTH and stop judging a game before uve played it first.

dustgavin3378d ago

Funny that you mention intelligence.....

You are trying to talk about buying both games, and then you go along and bash people who like infamous more. What a sad attempt at trolling.