GameFocus: The Munchables Review

GameFocus writes: "It seems the Wii nowadays is a console that holds very few surprises. Mini-game compilations and family friendly titles are rampant, and very few stray too far from formulated shovelware, to be honest. Upon first glance, Namco Bandai's The Munchables would be easy to pass off as just another "Mii too" title. However, a closer look will point out just how wrong you'd be to pass it off as such. So what makes this not just another notch on the bedpost of cash-in Wii games? Let's see."


+ Quirky, colourful characters.
+ Off-beat sense of humour.
+ Simple, but addictive gameplay.
+ Excellent level design.
+ 26 different songs that fit well with each level.


- A little too easy.
- Lacks variety when it comes to actual gameplay mechanics.

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