IGN: Family Mini Golf Review

And don't think Family Mini Golf is where it ends -- oh no, my friends. ARC System Works has at least three more "Family" series games where this one and its pitiful predecessors came from. IGN would offer development advice, or recommend that Aksys stop the DLC nonsense and offer more complete default offerings, but they know such pleas will fall on deaf ears. And that's especially unfortunate, because the developer/publisher partnership between ARC System Works and Aksys has produced some really solid games, like the recent Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past on DS, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus here on Wii. So it's really only this WiiWare Family series that's cursed, not the companies' other efforts.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 5.0
Sound - 4.0
Gameplay - 3.5
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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