IGN: ClayFighter Review

ClayFighter was a timely idea back in the middle of the fighting game craze of the early-to-mid '90s, and its unique visual style and use of clay modeling techniques to render its cast of characters was bold enough to make it something of a cult hit in that age. But, removed from that time period, this fighter falters. Its graphics are no longer anything special, and its combat is stiff, stale and boring.

What's worse, this is the worst possible version of this game -- the inferior Genesis port. The SNES version would have been a better selection, and the SNES Tournament Edition would have been an even better selection than that. Maybe Interplay will get it right the next time around -- because there are more ClayFighters where this one came from.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 5.0
Sound - 4.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Lasting Appeal - 4.0
Overall -

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