IGN: iPhone 3G S Review

From a purely performance and technical standpoint, the iPhone 3G S is an impressive piece of hardware, but like any major purchase, picking one up requires some serious consideration on the behalf of the consumer. If you insist on being on the cutting edge at all times, picking up the 3G S now only to upgrade a year later is a nonissue, but for those who want to settle into a phone for the next two or three years, IGN would recommend waiting to see what's in store from Apple in June or July of next year.

Performance - 9.5
Build Quality - 9.0
Video Quality - 7.0
Features - 8.0
Ease of Use - 9.0
Value - 8.5
Overall -

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MGOelite3381d ago

how much for pay as you go in the UK?

Pierrer3381d ago

Your soul, payed monthly, forever.

kevnb3381d ago

i don't think that would even be worthwhile.

MegaMohsi3381d ago

IGN didn't even review the Pre?