Get Super Stardust HD at a bargain price

UK Playstation website writes:

"Buy Super Stardust HD for a reduced price with a fantastic promotion to celebrate its second anniversary on PlayStation Network.

Super Stardust HD on PLAYSTATION 3 has been shining brightly on PSN with its sci-fi shooting action and startling 3D visuals - and now you have the chance to immerse yourself into this galaxy of fun for only €1.99, for a limited time.

From June 25, 2009 until July 2, 2009, Super Stardust HD will be a paltry €1.99 to celebrate its second anniversary since release, making it the perfect time to explore this popular title. The shoot 'em up has been a firm favourite with players, becoming a top ten seller on PSN and is still bringing in the plaudits after two years, so you won't want to miss out on the game everyone's still talking about - and the chance to show off your shooting skills on the global online ranking leaderboards."

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DragonWarrior_43312d ago

This is the best game on psn and better then anything on xbox live. The only thing its missing is online multiplayer.

xabmol3312d ago

$2.75 for SDHD = :D

Got the PSP version and it was really fun. Now it's time for some asteroid blastin in full 1080p!

Cajun Chicken3312d ago

Love this game. Bought it shortly after I got my PS3 2 years ago when there wasn't much to play.
I'd say this was is on par or better than Geometry Wars and even GW2.

If you can, get it. I don't think you'll have any regrets. Especially if that has all the packs included!

DragonWarrior_43312d ago

OH this game blows geometry wars out the water. The particle effects in this game are second to none too. Listening to some Devil Driver and Deftones while blasting asteroids is one of my greatest pleasures.

Brian10243312d ago

I am definitely buying this when I get home. This really is a fun game.
Oh and stop comparing it to xbox games, it's a game, just go play it!!