PS3Vault Review: Prototype

PS3Vault: 'Prototype is better than inFAMOUS. Or perhaps I should say (now that I've got your attention) that I enjoyed it a lot more than I did inFAMOUS. Whilst inFAMOUS was a great game (see our review here), it was devoid of any moments that really made me say 'woooaahh' like the best games all do. For example, Metal Gear Solid 4's first level throwing the Gekko at you, or Resistance 2's Leviathon boss battle – it's these kind of things that you remember after you've finished the game and it's these things that you recount to your friends. inFAMOUS was empty of these and, whilst it was a great game, few things really stood out in a way that would have you talking about them afterwards other than, maybe, the ending.

Prototype, however, is filled to the brim with these. They don't only come as parts of set pieces, either; just running around and fighting things in the huge open world can lead to situations that will make you go 'wooaah'. Just the combat is brilliantly fun and intense. But let's move on to the review, shall we?'

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himdeel3071d ago

...and objectivity the moment he mentioned inFamous in a Prototype review. Bad form indeed...

Gamoc3070d ago

Wait, I shouldn't compare to very similar games that came out within a month of each other? Two games that were so similar that one of them was moved so they wouldn't release at the same time?

Funny, that.

WIIIS13071d ago

There, straight from a PS3 fansite. The truth.

jaseo3071d ago

when did ps3 fansites speak the truth? :)

that infamous review on OXCGN was refreshing!

one day I hope to live in a world where there is no console war or console prejudices! gamers must stop projecting their feelings on insecurity and inadequacy :)