Now Is the Time to Buy a PS3

On the fence? Can't decide which next-gen video game console to buy? Well, now, more than ever, is the time to pick up a PlayStation 3 from the local Walmart.

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La Chance3313d ago

I wonder why we never see articles like this begging people to buy the 360....

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

but this P8i site wreaks of teenage blunder.

That comment at the top of the article is racist IMO and for that reason alone should not have been approved. Either write articles on gaming or on comedy. Like I said yesterday about their COD4 is still King of FPS PS3 gaming, they failed at both.

How can anyone give this site even a little credibility with nonsense like that? I would be shocked if anyone over the age of 21 is writing for this new blog site. If they are all I can say is wow, that's sad.

La Chance3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

"Last year was an abysmal reck for the Xbox 360 when it came to actual video games. Few exclusives were released, and those that were made few ripples in the gaming community, compared to the PlayStation 3 which was overwhelmed with hit titles. Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Little Big Planet, SOCOM: Confrontation, and Resistance 2 which all received critics’ acclaim, and boosted the system to an all new level."

And the worst part is that he actually believes that. I mean Gears 2 alone had more impact than LBP, Resistance 2, and Socom all together. Funny how he forgets Fable 2 or NG2 for instance but sure didnt forget SOCOM... lol yeah right...

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

not because I don't have opinions but only because I own both consoles and those type of conversations lead no where.

What does work my last nerve though is the hypocrisy of people complaining about certain bloging sites being approved and then allowing this garbage site to get their stories approved back to back.

These articles are poorly written opinionated trash. They are stereo typing gamers and making back handed racial remarks. I responded to it on their site (P8i) and they deleted it. All I said was they should remove their racial remarks if they want to be taken seriously.

People b!tch about HHG (not a fan nor a hater of HHG. If you look over my small but recent history you will see what I had to say about his articles and show) and then allow garbage like this on N4G. You can't have it both ways N4G members. This P8i site is trash.

user39158003312d ago

Sorry, but honestly garbage its garbage and sony stink the most.

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Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

"and here we go"

sonarus3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

activision will drop PS3 soon guys because they hate selling games. I threw my PS3 away yesterday...we all need to do the same

rucky3313d ago

I ate mine. With some bacon it's pretty good

Boody-Bandit3313d ago

most likely more wont than will without the /s after the sentence. Although I know from your past history on N4G you could give a sh!t. I just thought I'd throw that out there for you just to help ease the blood letting.

evrfighter3313d ago

now is the time to buy a ps3?

sweet!! was there a $100 price cut I missed?

Masta_fro3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

its just that the price is a little high for some (not all) people.

All you gotta do is ask around, tons and tons of people want a ps3, its just that the price holds them back is all.

So this is how it works, those saving up for a games console and want one NOW, even though they want a ps3, they look at the price and say.."wow man, i know its great deal with all you get but i just cant afford it, even though that blu ray is tempting"

So they go home and think about it, call up a few friends, which more than likely have 360's and they say "well what the hell all my friends have one so watever, ill just get a ps3 later on..."

Then there's that other group...Microsoft lovers, or playstation lovers...they walk into that store and know what theyre going to buy...

Ps3 buyers prob had ps2's and they are positive its not worth buying a console without those type of games...Plus they know sony is quality, plus youre getting and all in one entertainment piece!

360 buyers, are just as convinced, they've seen gears of war and prob played through all the kids talk about it because, well, more people own it, and suddenly it all feels right, even though they all know about the rrod, they continue in typical human fashion "it wont happen to me".

Watever, for me the time to own a ps3 was at came the second i played resistance online, it came the second i put in Uncharted (holy sh!t) it came the second it was announced.

In the meantime, i bought an xbox controller, and bam, PC and PS3...almost like having both consoles, and i cant be happier.

Yes i agree now is a better time than ever, but if your still console less, then i think youve already made a choice. I dont know what it is, and i dont care, but ill bet youll be happy with it.

Narutone663313d ago

The price was cheap for me and at a time when PS3 was being bashed left and right for having no games, etc. It was the best deal I got, being it is a BC 60GB PS3. I have been using it for a long time now without any problem. I am now looking forward to buying a second one for the bedroom when the price comes down.
BTW, the BC 60GB PS3 is selling for twice the price I got for it in yahoo or ebay.

Masta_fro3313d ago

i just baught ma second one!

I just wanted to add, people forget what happens when ps3's go on sale...a 50 dollar price cut on amazon for a day, boosted its sale to number one in the whole electronics department...

120gb ps3 *60gb original.

The best purchase of an electronic device i have made in my life.
Its kinda funny, i think of it as my baby...always cleaning it and stuff with watery joyous eyes haha.

Guitarded3313d ago

Wake me up when the thing is $200. Then it will be worth the price.

onanie3313d ago

Why should anyone bother to wake u up, guitar?

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Why don't we wake you when you have a response worth reading?
So let's say uh never.
Good night.

poopface13313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

WHY THE HELL DOES IT SAY TO GET IT AT WALLMART. I wouldnt buy it at wallmart, as I like places that let you choose the one you want yourself. not have someone get it from behind the glass. Not that it matters, but wallmart and ps3s dont go together, at least not for me.

Im not trying to be argumentative but isnt this article wrong, I mean if you were gonna tell people to get a ps3 wouldnt you want to tell them about the imminent price cut, or even the slim ps3(no likely) that might happen later this year.

below--- alot of ps2 people will buy ps3, but may also buy a 360. Last gen I had ps2 then bought xbox. this gen I have 360 and will buy ps3 later. For the people who want both alot will probably get the one that comes out first. I think this gen though you really can be content with just a 360 or just a ps3.

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

This site is ran by kids like I said in the open zone. This article isn't even worth printing out on paper to wipe your back side with. And WTF is up with their back handed racial comment trying to be funny? That's not funny and it certainly isn't journalism.

Try posting a comment on their site giving an opinion about their article(s). It tells you wait for moderation. Unless it's positive they wont approve it.

If they wont allow freedom of speech on their site then why give them a voice here?

N4Flamers3313d ago

I have to say i do love my ps3. I got it with advent children which is so beautiful. I've only been playing infamous and i did take a punch in the wallet, but Im happy with the choice.

So far i dont plan to renew my xbo live gold, and now i actually have a choice about what game to get.

dragunrising3313d ago

Why do we need so many articles on "now is the time to buy a ps3." As if we need this article to tell us why. The games speak for themselves. If anything, I would hold off on buying a ps3 until the eventual price drop.If you spent $100 more a month or two before the price drop, that would suck. Otherwise I'm not sure who the article is catering to. If you have the money to buy a PS3 and were interested in one...wouldn't you already have one? Thats why I think the article is missing the point. Price conscious people are waiting for the PS3 price drop. Trying to convince them to buy one before then makes little sense. My guess is that the PS3 will drop right before or after Madden 2010 comes out. If I didn't have one already, I would be marking my calender.

Silly gameAr3312d ago

Just to give you and a few others bubbles Masta_fro. Great comment.

RumbleFish3312d ago

anybody who does not recognize the PS 3's worth has my pity.

and anybody who want's the PS 3 to drop to 200$ is on drugs and misses a great time with some of the best games ever made.

One 80GB in the living room, one 60GB in the bedroom and xmas there will be the third in my bureau. PS 3 FTW!

Syronicus3312d ago

Have a bubble. I agree completely that only those looking to flame are those who say it is not worth the price. First off, many of those saying that bought the 360 when it released for 400 bucks and it comes with no WiFi, a DVD drive and at the time of launch, a 20 gig hard drive. For the same price you get a BD player, WiFi, 80 gig HDD and a large library of great games. If people don't see the value in the PS3, it's because they have not opened their eyes in the past 12 to 15 months.

edgeofblade3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

The time for buying a PS3 has already come. Honestly, I would have reservations this time last year (despite owning one as far back as early '08), but the time of the PS3 came this spring.

But owning THREE PS3's? That's little psychotic, don't you think?

Beast_Master3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

I am a Sony fan and even I found this article a way too skewed. And as far as the dude above me. I think you will be real surprised at what happens when the price cut comes. I know you think you are sure that no wii owner will want to become a real gamer or that the millions of people who have bought Playstations before are not interested at all in the PS3 but I think you are mistaken.

There is even a market of 360 owners who are tired of getting riped off by the RROD and Live subscription fees. I know they are out there because I have 3 of them in my office. They are afraid to play their games for more than a couple of hours for fear they will be console-less if the darn thing overheats.

Guitarded3312d ago

There are no games on the system that cannot be enjoyed at a later date for less money. Hell all the good games are single player only. Even on my 360 I wait for single players to drop in price before I buy. The only game that I feel like I have missed out on is Warhawk. I would have enjoyed that game with a fresh community. Killzone has first rate graphics and second rate gameplay. Not unlike most of Sony's first and second party titles. I rarely watch movies, so the bluray is useless to me. So yeah, $200 sounds about right to me. Go cry in a corner if my opinion upsets you so much.

Beast_Master3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Gutar- Dude you lost me at "all they have is single player games." Have you ever been to a Gamestop? Socom, R2, Warhawk, RE5, KZ2, COD, Battlefield, they have more multiplayer games than Xbox. In fact Xbox only has Halo, Gears and L4D that are not on Sony's console. It sounds like you view the world through Green colored glasses. And by reading your comments I can tell you anyone can see you have never ever ever played even 1 PS3 game. You are the worst type of fanboy.....Blind as a bat..

FrankenLife3312d ago

Now is the time for..........




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BRACHATTACK3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I don't understand why PS2 owners aren't buying the PS3, it truly is the best next gen console and gamers without one are missing out BIG TIME.

BiggCMan3313d ago

im just gonna give you a one BIG F you!! and continue playing my sexy ps3, k?

iamtehpwn3313d ago

Perhaps more will come on when PS2 Backwards compatibility comes along.

Which IS coming, you may not believe me, but trust me--is coming.

Ps2 is a huge (almost pure) Profit for Sony Right now, to be honest with you, having a Ps3 not having backwards compatibility is really good for Sony because it means 2 things:

1) If you want to play Ps2 software, you buy a Ps2 which is cheap for you ($100 and it probably costs ~$50 manufacturer), and highly profitable for Sony, which is why they won't let PS2 die,

2) You will spend your money on PS3 games.

PS2 backwards compatiblity will come when PS2's years come closer to the end, then It'd be more profitable to only focus on Ps3, put Ps2 games on PSN. Ps3 can definitely emulate Ps2.

In fact...Old 80gb's emulated emotion engine almost perfectly... Emulating Graphics Synsthizer is the only thing left.

TheBand1t3313d ago

Just ignore Master Queef.

JL3313d ago

I really just do not see backwards compatibility being that much of a seller. I've yet to play a single past generation game since i got my PS3. And if I wanted to, I'd just drag out the ps2 that I still have. I never understood why backwards compatibility was made such a big deal (more than it needs to be).

Honestly, the reason all those ps2 gamers haven't made the jump? Because of the price. I know LOTS of people that all say the same thing. They still have a ps2 (with the exception of a couple who went and bought 360s) and they're waiting for me to tell them that the ps3 has dropped in price. I think they hit the right price and you'll see a mass adoption. I just know so many that are all waiting for that price cut so they can afford the system. Even those couple guys that picked up a 360, they're already tired of their shoddy 360s, and are both going to move to ps3 when it becomes more affordable.

NegativeCreepWA3313d ago

Its not that hard to figure out, most ps2 owners are casuals and bought a ps2 because its cheap and has a massive library of games. Now there all buying wii's.

JL3313d ago

Nah. Most ps2 owners just aren't as hardcore gamers as most of us. Thus they're not going to buy a $400/500 system. They're not paying that much for entertainment and a casual hobby. But they still want it, just for now the ps2 will do (since it's still being supported) until the ps3 price drops. I can't tell you how many people I know that are in that boat.

JonnyBigBoss3313d ago

You bring up a great point.

cmrbe3313d ago

1. PS3 price. Lets not forget that the PS3 is still $100 more than the PS2 launch price.

2. Software. The majority of well known franchise that are well associated to the PS brand are still are not out yet like GT,FF,GOW,Jak,Sly,Twisted Metal, Tekken etc etc.

Neilsen reported that of all consoles the PS2 is still the most played console in NA at least. The PS2 fanbase are waiting for either 1 or 2 of these factors to turn in their favour before they migrate.

JL3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Agreed cmrbe. I read that too about the ps2 still being the most played. And doesn't surprise me at all. Using my friends and people as I know as a small "test group" (which I know is very small and not that accurate), but it plays into these findings very accurately. They're all pretty much still playing the ps2. And while some are still waiting for games/franchises to hit the platform too, the biggest reason is the price. That ps2 customer base is waiting for that price to make the conversion (despite media outlets wanting you to believe they all gave up and went over to xbox360 or wii).

edgeofblade3312d ago

Come on fanboys, get over yourselves.

360 fans: Quit snarking up the discussion with cowardly comments.

PS3 fans: You know "best" is highly subjective.

Can't the two hardcore consoles live in harmony... while they beat Nintendo into submission?

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Vicophine3313d ago

November 17th, 2006 was the time.

Boody-Bandit3313d ago

camped out over night in 28 degree weather like a dork to get it.

Vicophine3313d ago

Wow, I lost a bubble for saying when the PS3 came out... >.<

kaelix3313d ago

you camped out to get yours? my gf bought mine for me on my b-day along with some nifty games :D felt so happy that day. Her reason for buying it for me, is so I have something to mess with instead of bugging her while she's on the laptop :(

celldomceen13313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

and i was led to believe that only happened when you said something good about the 360. Bubble up!

iamtehpwn3313d ago

Now, Ps3 is definitely THE machine to get. They did everything to fix it and make it a better machine then it was before, despite lack of PS2 backwards compatibility in current machines.

But with Abudance of PS3 software, and the revival of Ps1 software, and more then 120million + having one...Ps2 software on PS3 is some what irrelevant to how good the machine is

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I had too. The place I preordered from told me their stock was cut back and I didn't make the cut. They were not sure when they would get a 2nd shipment in so I grabbed my camping gear and away I went.

I actually like camping out for launches. I have done it 6 times in all. The people you meet and things you do to pass time are usually interesting to say the least. Although I do feel like a dork walking into the store in the morning looking like a homeless person.

NegativeCreepWA3313d ago

I waited for the first price drop, would of waited for another but there was no way I was going to miss MGS4. Before Sony even announced the price I told myself I wasn't going to pay over $400.00 for a PS3 even though its worth it.

terrandragon3313d ago

You lost a bubble for facts? What has the world come to? +bubbles

Boody-Bandit3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

whether people agree or not. It's a waste of your time. There are just too many ignorant people with multiple accounts making a mockery of this site to pay attention too or keep track of. They disagree with you for saying water is wet and the earth is round.

I'll bubble you up though
Heck I'm in a giving mood +bubble for everyone under #3!

Marceles3312d ago

I got lucky and bought mine from craigslist at launch from a guy that camped out of Circuit City with an extra controller lol. Gotta love college students that second guess their purchase and decide books are more important.

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arsenal553313d ago

uhoh.. get ready for 300 fanboy filled comments