Top 5 reasons why you should buy The Conduit

NE writes: "With the release of The Conduit on the horizon, many Wii owners are greatly anticipating what they believe to be one of the summer's hottest titles. And with a game that features a great weapons selection, solid online play and startlingly customizable control, who can blame them? Many gamers have pre-ordered the title (myself included) and even more have set aside the money to buy the game as soon as it launches. But what about those who haven't?"

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knox3379d ago

its almost here!!!!!! =D but i dont im gonna get this game i dont need anyone to remind me why i should buy it

knox3379d ago


qface643379d ago

i wanna get it first day but sadly i don't think ill be able to do that
im gonna have to wait more ={

N4g_null3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Ha it got the editors choice award. Finaly We get to play a new golden eye, perfect dark like game with sweet metroid controls. I'm glad some one made this.... This should be pretty fun.

Some things in here are pretty impressive though. It's really too bad retro and these guys don't team up. I have to thank HVS for raising the bar on Wii FPS now a few more hours and we will be testing it out for real.

I'm also curious to see what set up they are using for online. I may have to plug this game on the a lan line though. Wifi is too risky!

Knox I think he wii is being repaired.

morganfell3379d ago

I played it at E3.

All I can say is the game deserves and award - Dumbest AI ever.

What kind of AI attacks you but doesn't attack you? Instead it runs up to you keeps running into you. Just one example of some really braindead enemies.

ChickeyCantor3379d ago

O no, but Morgan, they were trying to play on "your" level ;).

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Fade_Walker3379d ago

1 Reason why I won't buy it...I don't have a Wii. XD

I would if I did though.