iCasual Review: Todesstrahl

The Portable Gamer's iCasual podcast reviews iPhone game Todesstrahl. Look for new iCasuals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on TPG.

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Neco5123310d ago

I really like the iCasual format. Quick and straight to the point. I'll be listening to more of these

DaRockSays3310d ago

loo like ther too much on de iPhone these days

Neco5123310d ago

wtf? what do you mean by that?

CrAppleton3310d ago

iCasual FTW.. I'm diggin these reviews. I like that I don't have to read anything WOOT!

supercharger51503310d ago

yep! That's why we do them. And why we can do so many each week.