New Tales of Graces Trailer

The Tales of Graces trailer from the recent Tales of Festival in Japan has been released. This game is the first mothership (Namco Bandai's term for non-spin-off games in the Tales of series) game for the Wii. The previous Tales of game for the Wii, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, was classified as a spin-off sequel.


It seems this embed size doesn't allow for it, but if you view the video on YouTube, there's an option for viewing it in HD.

Downloads are now up for the video as well.

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jammers3317d ago

Looks like there is some pretty massive scale to it.

Selyah3317d ago

Looking pretty decent to be honest.

Redempteur3316d ago

it feels like a mothership " tales of " game

Symphonia 2 was fine the overall game was definitly good but i don't want another breeding monster system soon

Also the fact that the official controller for tales of grace is the classic controller is another good thing ..i'm satified with the graphics now and the style change batte system seems ready for some serious combos hunting ....

i can't wait ...

SpoonyRedMage3317d ago

Is it just me or does it look nearly to the level of Vesperia?

Looks great anyway.

ShawnCollier3317d ago

I have to say I'm impressed at how this game is turning out. 10x better than DotNW was.

I think the new "overworld" also helps, since they can use some trickery there to compensate for the Wii's graphical lacking compared to the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.

ChickeyCantor3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

" I think the new "overworld" also helps, since they can use some trickery there to compensate for the Wii's graphical lacking compared to the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3."

You do realise that Tales of games do not follow up right?
Its like FF. Its not related to vesperia.

ShawnCollier3317d ago

@sidar: Yeah, I was saying that it seems they're trying to emulate some of the artistic directions Vesperia took here. That's my view, anyway.

SpoonyRedMage3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Yer, the art style is very important for this.

I'm wondering how this will perform sales wise. Hasn't the Tales of series historically performed best on Nintendo platforms?

@V: Yup, that's what I meant. They've stayed really consistent which is why this game still looks impressive next to Vesperia.

ChickeyCantor3317d ago

Well the artstyle does follow up.
If you look at all tales of games, they all pretty much have the same art-direction.

ShawnCollier3317d ago

Actually, IIRC, it's done best on the Sony platforms, mostly due to all of the games being on there. Symphonia on the GameCube did really bad in Japan (hence the PlayStation 2 port), but did amazingly well in North America/Europe.

The side games, like Radiant Mythology 2, have done a lot better than the main games like Tales of Hearts lately, however. It'll be interesting to see how Vesperia PS3 does sales-wise, as well as this game.

(DotNW did pretty well over here, so that's a good sign Graces might come over here as well, on a side note.)

SpoonyRedMage3317d ago

Well I'm not sure how it performed on the PS2 but Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube is the only Tales of game to surpass a million according to VGChartz(so tub of salt, I would say pinch but this is VGChartz!) so I dunno.

Immortal Kaim3317d ago

WOW...I'm impressed. THIS is what we need on the Wii, more RPG's with interesting art styles. I adore Symphonia, so I will be getting Graces for sure.

I have to say, the animations in battle are bloody astounding, can't wait.

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PS360WII3317d ago

Looks like the exploration will be rather large based :)

Selyah3317d ago

Yeah, was kinda impressed by the amount of environmental footage at the beginning.

Smacktard3317d ago

I'm a sucker for the "Tales of" battle system, so I'll be getting this game. ToS2 was a pretty bad game, but I enjoyed it. This looks like the proper "Tales of" game Wii owners have been needing. Looks fantastic.

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