What problems were fixed from the PS3's launch?

Dexter Wang writes -

We take a look back at 3 giant reviews from fall '06

How many of these negatives were answered by Sony's engineers? Two and a half years later, we not only will see how far Sony went to listen in on the array of problems, but also how Sony has lived up to several of its promises. Please note that this is not the golden list of every single complaint on earth, but it lists most of the major problems remarked in popular reviews.

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Lfmesquite3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

their price is still as much a problem today as it was when it launched.

bashesh3380d ago

Frankly speaking I don't believe that PS3 is priced any higher than its competitors. When you buy a PS3 it is a complete package. You don't have to splurge any more money on anything other than games. Again thats just my opinion and I know that with XBOX other things are "optional" but unfortunately some of those "Optional" things are essential for optimal experience.

Myst3380d ago

The only problem I've had (and a few of my friends) is when the Playstation 3 freezes or does those beeps and crashes, but restarts just fine it seems. So far that's the only thing I need to learn how to fix if possible, yet it's been working fine for me since it first happened at least a year ago.

P.S. seems to happen to my friend and I a lot at least in ad-hoc when you go at it for more than four hours (which is probably the problem lol).

Also I'd like to ask how the size is a gripe I'm personally okay with the size of the system as I've gotten used to it. So I'm wondering what everyone else's opinion is on this.

iamtehpwn3380d ago

Ps3 is a great machines, but sometimes will you get some odd freezes, but the machine is fine o.O It's never messed up anything important, so I don't mind it.

Over all, I'm really impressed with how far Ps3 has come. It literally went from being the worst console to the absolute best.

xabmol3380d ago

And only on a certain site while trying to watch a vid. For some reason I can't watch Zero Punctuation, but Game trailers is A OK and hulu works fine. Dunno what it is? Maybe my PS3 just hates Yahtzee?