GamesRadar: The Top 7 best games of 2009

Much like the Oscars tend to ignore movies released between January and September, end-of-year game awards usually forget the top-notch software released in the first six months. It's true that the holiday shopping season is stacked with surefire hits, but let's not forget the games that kept boredom at bay when 2009 was still the New Year.

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AKNAA3376d ago

Hey everybody! this year so far, I played 5 great games! next month will be 6, then the month after that will be 7, then 9, then 12 great games! wow! my comment right now is as pointless as this article....

GameGambits3375d ago

For me 2009 has been:
Killzone 2
Demon's Souls(imported it 2 months back)
Valkyria Chronicles(finally scooped it up, loved it)

Those 4 games sit pretty heavy as things people should buy. Street Fighter 4 was a great rent and so was Red Faction Guerrilla. Prototype was major fail and a waste of even rental cash for me.

Later this month I'll perhaps pick up Blazblue once I see some reviews to know how it stacks up to some other fighters or if the story is awesome and such. Otherwise, there's next month with an assured win with King of Fighters 12! I'm going to Terry Bogard lumber jack arm slap the crap out of people online! ;D

beavis4play3376d ago

RE5 was nowhere to be found.

to be honest though - a list like this really is bogus. a "best of" at the END of the year is all that's needed.

JL3376d ago

I think you miss the point. The title says (so far), though somebody forgot to put that on here. The point is when it comes to the end of the year, all these games are going to be passed over and forgotten for the games that come out the last few months of the year. Which isn't right. And dude here just wants to point out that these games should be remembered and put in contention at the end of the year.

BlackPrince 423375d ago

Technically, inFAMOUS currently has the same score as Red Faction on Metacritic-85%, only it has been reviewed by more outlets, making it more difficult to maintain a high average.

But none of it really matters anyway, since I can go to many different reviews and find publications whose scores are missing.

The Master Chief3375d ago

lol Peggle is in there. Peggle ftw