The Escapist: Demon's Souls Review

The Escapist writes: "Demon's Souls is definitely not for the faint of heart. It represents a refreshing bastion of hardcore ass-kicking in a world where challenge seems to have been sacrificed in favor of accessibility. Being already in full English, it's hard to imagine why this hasn't been released in the Western market".

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jarhead9063044d ago

This looks like a fantastic game. From the gameplay to the visuals (it's already in full English?) it looks like an 'AA' quality game.

I thought this WAS coming to the 'West'. Is that still true?

interrergator3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

theres an asian version of it u go to and there it is. and yes theres a west version if u want to wait till fall

Shendow3044d ago

MUST BUY NOW!!!! BUY NOW!!! -_- BUY HALO NOW!!!! lol sorry to many good games an not alot of money to throw at them (Well if I 100 bucks or more a month isn't to much lol)

Myst3044d ago

*Throws $50.00 bills at the games*

My purchases aren't going through :(!

Anyway I agree, great game from the videos I've seen and definitely makes waiting an almost impossible feat to accomplish. Yet as for me I can wait just so I can get a few other games out of the way and I'll just go with the American version when it releases. :)

ptotoy3044d ago

best rpg this gen.. beats oblivion and fallout