Sega's FPS "The Conduit" Kicks Alien Ass on the Nintendo Wii

Ripten writes: " As a kid that grew up owning a Sega Master System, I have always had a special spot in my heart for Sega. It's nice to see that they are not only alive and kicking these days as a publisher, but working on several new titles that add value to the gaming industry."

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greeneggsnsam3377d ago

It looks pretty good, but my Wii is too hard to set up to bother with this.

Freakwave0033377d ago

why would it be a joke? not everyone is an elementary school graduate.

Nostradavis3377d ago

Let me guess. You have a hard time installing the external storage device?

greengamer3377d ago

cannot wait for this game, just annoyed that the UK version was put back until july :(