Gamervision Review: MySims Racing

Gamervision writes:
"Few would call the MySims brand a bastion of originality. It launched as a dumbed-down version of The Sims for the Wii, and most assumed the caricatures were in direct response to the Wii's Miis. Since the original, which was not much more than an Animal Crossing clone, a few others have been released, each mimicking a different popular genre with Sims diamonds and references interspersed throughout. Despite not yet attaining a foothold, it's obvious that EA isn't ready to give up on the mascots, and really wants this brand to stick, releasing MySims Racing for the Wii and DS."

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SpoonyRedMage3377d ago

I'm actually considering getting this for the DS. I hope I can find it cheap as I don't want to be spending loads right now as I spent quite a bit last week.