3D Realms Countersues Take-Two Over Development of 'Duke Begins'

Apogee Software, also known as 3D Realms, is countersuing publisher Take-Two, who recently filed suit against 3D Realms for allegedly failing to deliver the long-awaited FPS, Duke Nukem Forever.

Tex.-based 3D Realms said in its counterclaim filed on June 19 (originally uncovered by GamePolitics, and subsequently obtained by Gamasutra) that negotiations with Take-Two regarding development of the Xbox 360 version of Duke Nukem Forever fell through on May 1, 2009.

This led 3D Realms to lay off most of its development team. Without the ability to finish Duke Nukem Forever, Take-Two, which was to publish the game, filed suit.

But 3D Realms claimed in its coutersuit that Take-Two did not hold up its end of a separate bargain inked between the two companies in October 2007 -- an agreement in which 3D Realms granted the publishing and development rights of an unannounced game tentatively titled "Duke Begins" to Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games.

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shocky163340d ago

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum!

FragMnTagM3339d ago

I really hope the two companies can get their panties out of a bunch and come to an agreement. Fans of the series really would like to play this game.

From what they showed of DNF, it looked like they went back to their roots, and made that in the technology we have now.

Come to think of it, many games need to get back to their roots like SF4 did. Also the last Sonic game was actually decent for once, (could have been better) at least it was playable this time. Even New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii looks like fun.

The point is, Duke Nukem could be really nice in the next gen form.

njr3339d ago

Its a big mess is what it is.

Jockamo3340d ago Take Two gave money to 3D Realms to develop DNF and 3D Realms game Take Two the rights to produce Duke Begins? And now 3D Realms is counter-suing them because Take Two stopped a game that would take 3 years to develop? opposed to 15 years? C'mon Apogee, have a little shame...

Duke Nukem is cursed.

DNAgent3339d ago

Hopefully 3D Realms wins.

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