Square-Go: Red Faction: Guerilla Review

Square-Go writes: "If you fancy yourself a paragon of the people, or you just want to blow stuff up, Red Faction Guerilla satisfies both needs well. You'll want to see the story, spiked with a couple of shocking plot twists, through to its conclusion, and the side missions and multiplayer modes on offer will see you playing this for a long while after its tale has been told. There's never been a better time to join the revolution and smash authority".

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TIKUP3377d ago

i might get this, not sure yet

be honest, how good is it?

cause im getting bored of ufc might return it for this? what u think?

ian723377d ago

If you like to shoot and blow things up you should like this. I have Infamous and Prototype also, but I must admit I play Red faction more. The destruction is the best in any game, physics is great. It has a decent story(not great but ok) and plenty of side missions which if you played them all would take around 30 hours or so, if not longer. Haven't played multiplayer yet but it looks great on trailers I seen. It has good graphics, gameplay and amazing destruction. I got it on day 1 and am enjoying every minute playing. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes open world games with shooting and fab destruction.