Gamedaily: Games That Vanished

Gamedaily writes: "Coming to a store near you... maybe

Alan Wake's reemergence, after a year of darkness, reminded us of several games that mysteriously disappeared. A man with a giant hammer, a winged crusader and a wise-cracking hero are but a few of the characters trapped in limbo. Are they just a press conference away from making a grand entrance or destined to remain "in the queue?" Vote and let us know."

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locos853343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

This article makes no sense to me. They have 2 games that were recently announced, Halo: Reach and FFXIV. How can they vanish when they were just announced at E3.

It seems that this site can't wait for those games and wants more info.

Anyways I was excited for Project H.A.M.M.E.R when I first saw it years ago. I wonder what happened to it?

mastiffchild3343d ago

Sadness is fair enough but where the hell is the most frequently "vapourware" accused game(since DNF died this year) of the moment? Where the hell is Wardevil? The film, the animated film, the animated sgort? Anything? The new site?

How did GD miss that one??

Myst3343d ago

I also don't see how Halo: Reach and Final Fantasy XIV could have disappeared either. I guess they mean in the sense of Code name Rapture/Final Fantasy XIV, when their was no information for at least a year and a half to two? Halo I just don't know.