Wii's Lineup For 2009: Return of the Hardcore?

Roger @ writes:

"Let's be honest, if you are a Nintendo-exclusive "hardcore" gamer, 2008 probably wasn't the best year for you. Yes, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii, arguably two of the best, must-have Wii games currently on the market were both released early in the year but the latter half of the year was, to be blunt, severely lacking in "hardcore" content; gamers got Wii Music, Wario Land: Shake It, and Animal Crossing: City Folk as their big holiday titles. Here's the good news though: after playing many of the Wii's upcoming 2009 and early 2010 games at this year's E3, it looks like the "hardcore" audience will finally be given a feast of games to savor."

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SpoonyRedMage3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

No, the "hardcore" are still b*tching for some retareded reason.

The Crystal Bearers looks awesome, don't get why it's getting no hype yet Versus is.

@V: An Open World Final Fantasy as well!

You Already Know3459d ago

I've only seen the trailer for Versus....I didn't know a FF game was even releasing on the Wii...

I'll definitely check out the trailer...but the Versus trailer is what everyone is drooling over even though it has no gameplay in it at all..

Smacktard3459d ago

Spoony, there's two different hardcore.

There's the hardcore this article is talking about... the people that like to play many different genres and styles of games, and genuinely enjoy most great games.

And then there's the type that claim to be hardcore gamers and don't really touch anything besides games with guns and violence, and who claim that Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Little King's Story are baby games.

2009 for the Wii is looking really great to the first group, but you're never gonna sway the second group's opinion unless Tits of Destruction 12 gets a Wii release.

DragonWarrior_43459d ago

I totally agree with you. Most of my friends swear they are hardcore, and they only play shooters. Most have never heard of tenchu, ace combat, shadow of collusus, Orphen, Summoner, and yet they think the only games worth having is Cod4 and WAW. Mario Galaxy is one of the most hardcore games of all time. Most marios are in fact hardcore if you think about it. Im glad that its not just me that realizes there are more to games then just shooting people.

SpoonyRedMage3459d ago

We're really preaching to the choir though aren't we? We're not actually going to sway anyone.

ChickeyCantor3459d ago

" Mario Galaxy is one of the most hardcore games of all time."

Actually its been casual since the beginning, of course if we go by the definition of today.

Hardcore vs Casual is just a load of crap, and people need to stop and think for a second that it doesn't make them freaking special or anything.

A game does not make you hardcore, your time and effort spent on a game defines wether you are being " hardcore " or not.
Imagine a "casual" gamer playing tetris and reaches 900 lines...THAT IS HARDCORE...not a match of gears of war( i said a match )

phantomexe3459d ago

Spoony,I think i know why.I'm a big FF nut and i'm sure i'll be picking this up for the wii as well.The ff games that SE makes for nintendo are very....Not FF if you know what i mean.There still good its just sometimes they come off as being kiddie.I know this one's a more muture take on the CC series which seems preety good.IMO thats why it may be getting no hype.

n4f3459d ago

wow its nice to see that there's still people with maturity here.
what more surprising is people with maturity on n4g

SpoonyRedMage3459d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I do see what you mean there but it's slightly different now that I think about it. Crystal Chronicles is in the same style as FFIX and the older FFs, it is more light hearted, more "heroic" and stuff whilst Versus is very much the Playstation "dark and moody" style. I like both but personally prefer the lightheartedness. I really enjoy the Crystal Chronicles series as well, Echoes of Time is one of my favourite games.

@V: It's definately worth getting on the DS(for the Wii version they should have got Ninty to bend the rules and make it Wiiware) and I may be able to join you online if I'm not busy.

phantomexe3458d ago

I haven't got echoes of time yet but i will.Most of the time if it has Finel Fantsy on the box i'm all about buying it.

Cheeseknight283458d ago

I'm surprised nobody brought up Chocobo's Dungeon that came out last year on the Wii. It really was an underrated game, I saw next to no coverage or reviews for it after it was released.

Crystal Bearers has potential, but I haven't really seen anything too exciting yet. I suppose time will tell though.

SpoonyRedMage3458d ago

Yer, it's a pity Cheeseknight. Square Enix needs to push their smaller profile games a lot more; people tend to ignore them for the main FFs. There is a Chocobo Dungeon port for the DS in Japan, I'd happily pick up the port as well for portability.

qface643458d ago

OMG there are people here looking forward to wii games

the apocalypse has arrived repent REPENT dooooooooooooom Dx lol

personally for me its a good time for the wii and games ^_^

N4g_null3458d ago

Oh yeah spoony square has another gaming coming to the Wii also here it is.

More are coming. Wouldn't it be sweet if the Wii got a einhander sequel ?

And conduit is coming in a few days! I don't think I'll be here after Wednesday for a while, well maybe I'll be on but every one who buys it put your code up in your profile ok! See you then. Oh yeah don't worry about swaying people that's nintendo job really and they are doing a fine job. Come 2010 the PC player will be going back to their own platform. The huge crumbling of 3rd parties and the activision thing along with other threats before are doing a number on the HD guys.

I think the main thing that is happening is the same thing that happened on the PC. High end High priced development. On top of this the customers will not settle for any thing but a PC caliber game yet this is even hard to do on the currnet HD systems. Hey but thats their problem. Mean while we are going to have some fun!

Tarasque3458d ago

Well if you bought a Wii for hardcore games then.....*snickers*

Mini Mario3458d ago

"No, the "hardcore" are still b*tching for some retareded reason. "

If they complain its because they arent "true" gamers. True gamers are open to all games across the board on all consoles without alienating themselves to just one system.

Mini Mario3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

"Imagine a "casual" gamer playing tetris and reaches 900 lines...THAT IS HARDCORE...not a match of gears of war( i said a match )"

Agreed 110%

These so called "hardcore" have no idea the time it takes to master a game like tetris, or pac man even. Look at that guy recently at e3 who was going to get 10grand for beating the high score in donkey kong. Forget his name but im sure its around here somewhere.

Mini Mario3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

"wow its nice to see that there's still people with maturity here.
what more surprising is people with maturity on n4g "

That's because there is no way you could disagree with the article. Even an biassed fanboy idiot couldnt. Hense the reason there isnt as much "spam" on this article.

But give em time.

kesvalk3458d ago

2009 and 2010 seems to be a good year for wii and DS owners...

and my brother would die if the wii get a einhander sequel... the annoucement would be a 1hit-KO

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Smacktard3459d ago

I can't wait for Muramasa, Little King's Story, Tatsunoko, Spyborgs, NSMBWii, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Sin and Punishment 2, Monster Hunter 3, Tales of Graces, No More Heroes 2, Fragile, along with many others, are gonna be great too. 2010 looks like it just may be even better than 2009.

TriforceLightning3459d ago

Wii has the most balanced videogame library I've ever seen in any gen yet has the gamers who swear up and down that their gamers aren't playing it. Why is that?

TheColbertinator3459d ago

Hardcore games are ones who require game length,skill,new gameplay mechanics,good soundtrack,deep and well designed characters or customization.They can choose to have violence but that alone does not make games hardcore or good.Red Steel 2,Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Super Mario Galaxy 2 has some of the elements along with other upcoming titles.Seeing as how Nintendo is helping support 3rd party games,2009 will continue to be a fantastic year for the Wii,

2FootYard3459d ago

If too many hardcore games come to the Wii, I swear I'm going to sell mine.

SpoonyRedMage3459d ago

Hahahaha! I'm giving you a bubble for that, especially if you're being serious!:P

user39158003458d ago

Wii just sucks, its reliable, but has no appealing games at all, Nintendo its broken on every level, it stayed like the dinosaur in the past. What a waste of a gamecube, although I considered them better than the LAST PLACED PS3 over-hyped/ over-priced/ unreliable/ and most off all its not a gaming machine its a blu ray player .

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